Saturday, August 20, 2011

Leopards, and Jaguars, and Cheetahs, Oh my!

Day 3 of the 21-Day Challenge was to (drum roll, please) guess what? Mix your patterns! woo hoo — I'm getting to be a pro at this, because I think I did good. 

 dress (thrifted)
belt (thrifted)
cardigan Old Navy (Old Navy)
booties Blowfish (DSW)
bracelets (thrifted) / necklaces (raided from the toy box)

I'm sure that there's going to be an animal print at some point during this 21-day challenge, so I'm hoping that I don't regret using this outfit for pattern mixing. This was another outfit that I wore before I got laid off (on May 12, to be exact). I never posted it, so I'm glad that I'm getting a chance to use it now.

It was also a good opportunity to be Catwoman, and go "Rawr!" By the way, did you know that rawr is dinosaur speak for I Love You? Rawr is also a program for exploring gear for different characters in the World of Warcraft — a role-playing game. 

What kind of a cat print am I wearing? Leopard? Jaguar? Cheetah? What's the difference?

I can definitely rule out my dress and my belt from being a cheetah print. The spots on a cheetah are solid and evenly distributed. Whether they're a leopard print or a jaguar print is harder to tell. Jaguars and leopards both have spots that look like flowers, called rosettes. The rosettes on a jaguar have a slightly different color inside, and the rosettes on a leopard are fainter and don't usually enclose spots.

Regardless of whose spots I was wearing, all three of these are beautiful animals


Léopard de Perse - Le parc des Félins
Leopard (Image courtesy of Phillippe Rouzet)

Cheetah (Image courtesy of Tim Ellis)

Can you tell the difference between these cats?


  1. Those Big Cats are so magnificent, aren't they? Love your pattern mixing, you did a great job. See you soon!

  2. I like it! And it totally works!!

    If there's an animal print day, just wear that belt with a white shirt and black pants and you've got it covered!

  3. This is hands down my favorite of all your outfits so far--the pattern mix is amazing, and you look amazing in the outfit and in the picture. You should wear this again out somewhere!

  4. Oh, the contrasting cat prints really do work together. Now, to get this kitty to purr...

  5. @Patti -- they are gorgeous animals! I wanted to post a pic of my little cat, but I didn't bring my computer :-(
    @Joy -- that's a great idea for making my belt the focal point. I got this belt on kind of a whim, and then found that I don't really know what to pair it with.
    @Sue -- Thanks so much! I really liked this outfit too. Sometimes I can end up feeling like I was trying too hard, or that it feels forced, but this one just felt fun and comfortable.
    @Terri -- hmmm ... which kitty are we talking about here? :-)

  6. Rawr! Love the mixed prints. Thanks for including the images and the names of the Big Cats! Each one has their own special spots.

  7. Kari,
    That outfit is so you and I love it.
    Hope your new job is working out.
    Thanks for playing!


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