Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Missing in Action

Yes. I have been, haven't I?

jacket — Liz Claiborne Liz & Co (thrifted)
tee — French Dressing (Costco)
pants — RockStar (Old Navy)
shoes — Blowfish (DSW)

I keep looking at my feet, thinking that I'll find the answer down there, but it's of no use ...  I admit it. I'm just a slacker. That, and I've been insanely busy ... and stressed. And when I wasn't insanely busy or stressed, I was resting and recuperating from being insanely busy and stressed. So I wasn't really slacking. Really and truly I wasn't ... cross my heart and hope to die [who knew that Cross My Heart and Hope to Die was a Norwegian movie? Ti kniver i hjertet].

I look at these pictures and see one thing — my sleeves pushed up.

"Hello, world!" she shouts! "I am ready to get to work!" Yes, indeedy, I am ...   <snort>

I am a BIG sleeve pusher upper. I can't wear a long-sleeved anything without pushing up the sleeves. Even now, I am sitting at the computer wearing a long-sleeved shirt, and the sleeves are pushed up. It's instinctive. I have absolutely no control over it.

But these pictures are convincing me that this is a habit that really must go (along with many others ... biting your nails, anyone?). I mean, do you ever see really cool women pushing their sleeves up (or biting their nails, or any other awful habits?!)?

from http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/03/10/meryl-streep-to-play-hillary-clinton.html

Dreaming about a woman president, yes, I am ...  WOW! It's just so so exciting to think of it being an honest to goodness possibility! (Yes. I know that we are four years away from another election, but still ... It really never seemed to be quite possible before, and now it does!)

As silly as it sounds, I'll bet a woman president wouldn't have her sleeves pushed up ... I think that it's probably something that the photographers tell the movers and the shakers of the world — do NOT push up your sleeves! Don't  you think so?

I just absolutely adore this picture of Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton! What strong and beautiful women in their own right — their strength is what makes them beautiful!

Linking up to Visible Monday, sponsored by my lovely friend Patti at Not Dead Yet Style. "Why?" you ask. Because even though I have been MIA, I'm not dead yet!

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