Monday, November 18, 2013


Up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a plane. No. Not Superman.

 sweater — Old Navy (Old Navy)
dress — Rag (thrifted)
shoes — Dansko (Dansko Factory Outlet)

Just Kari, trying to find a way back to her blog. I've missed it, but life has been just crazy hectic lately and something had to give.

But I still make so many mistakes in my outfits, or fit outs, as one ELI* student thought the saying was. I used to board international students in my home a wonderful experience, if you don't mind having strangers (that you may or may not get along with) sharing your living space for two months or more.

* ELI - English Language Institute

Take this outfit, for example. I was pretty happy with it when I left for work, and I got a fair number of compliments. But now, looking at the pictures, it seems like the proportions are off. What say all y'all (if there are any all y'all left reading this I had all of one view today, and frankly, I was surprised at that one)? Maybe it's time to retire skirts that fall above the knee?

Back to the blog. What to do? I can't post unless I have something to say. But having something to say, and then saying it well, takes so much time. Time that I haven't been able to find much of lately. But then I think that the main reason I started blogging was to give me more confidence in what I wear and how I felt about myself so maybe I should just post pictures. But then I think some more, and I end up thinking it's kind of weird to just post pictures of myself.

 Agggh. What to do? What to do?

I'm going to link up to Patty at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday, because I'm a bit more visible today  and because maybe all the great ladies over there can help me out with this age-old quandary.

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