Wednesday, October 27, 2010

She did what?

I was just browsing around on Clover Lane's blog, when I stumbled upon this post, "I caught up! 6 Years in 3 Weeks!" She was talking about scrapbooking her photos -- but as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter what she caught up with. That is an incredible accomplishment! She's got some good ideas.

Did you ever?

This has been a great fall so far -- the leaves are such vibrant colors of reds and yellows (hope the trees don't lost all their leaves with the rain today). Growing up, I always picked up leaves that were colorful and pressed them between the pages of a book. Of course, I didn't do too much else with them -- they pretty much where they stayed, and as they dried, they lost their colors.

Waxing leaves, a craft from yesteryear, would probably save that color. All you really need is a box of wax. (and the leaves, of course). Clover Lane has some great pictures, along with a tutorial on how to do it.

Now I just have to figure out how to display my waxed leaves or what to do with them when I'm done.

Whooo, hooo whooo ...

I've been on the lookout for owl crafts ever since my daughter started going to the Temple University of Pharmacy -- their mascot is an owl. Here's one from Purple Paisley Pinwheels.

Pretty easy, and very cute (I can also use all the yarn scraps from the pom pom pumpkin to stuff them). They can also be stuffed with lavender or other herbs for sachets, or beans for a paperweight. They can be made from Chrstmas prints, Halloween prints -- no limits here.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What to do with ... old t-shirts

Kim at College Fashion shows how to make cute scarves out of old t-shirts.

You can wear this another way as well, but I don't think it's half as cute.

I have another one that I have to locate where it braids the t-shirt material, which is really cute too.

Finding Time to ....

Here is a post by Lain Ehmann, an Expert Author, about making time for scrapbooking. I don't scrapbook (I just save everything in boxes), anyway -- you could substitute the word scrapbooking for almost anything -- sewing, exercise, cleaning (hah!).

She has some other good articles -- take a look at the one on conquering clutter by asking yourself four questions:
  • Is it unique?
  • Do I have a project in mind?
  • Is it easy to store?
  • What's the worst that would happen if I threw this away?

Rocking Tights from Refinery 29

I have always liked wearing black tights, but this year tights are in, and so I'm thinking of trying different styles and colors.

Refinery 29 has some suggestions on how to wear them. I love the textured tights on the right.

I can't find that sweater dress, but Urban Outfitters has some cute ones

And here are some colored tights

And here is a style that I don't care for, but I love the suit!

Halloween Crafts

Domestifluff shares how to make these really cute pom pom pumpkins. Great for Halloween or even into Thanksgiving.

I always loved doing crafts with my kids (okay, maybe love is kind of a strong word). Anyway, I did love the crafts that kids could make, and ended up looking great. The Mother Huddle shares this one, which I wish I could have made with my kids. Isn't this a cute spider?

Here's another spider craft by  Every Crafty Endeavor  -- probably not for the little ones though -- a thistle spider. This is great! Reminds me of all the ornaments at the Brandywine River Museum.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm going to have to post two entries today, because I was just too, too exhausted when I got home from work. Anyway, yesterday on 10/1, I spent my hard-earned money on a solenoid. On a what, you ask? A solenoid for the gear shift in my Subaru. My car had not been going into park, so $78 were spent on this item.

Friday, October 1, 2010

today, I had to use a LLBean $10 coupon before it expired. So, I bought a shirt ... it looks cute ... What do you think? So, it ended up costing me all of $2.99, including shipping.

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