Monday, December 9, 2013

Having Fun

I was lamenting over the sad state of my blog to a friend — and she said to just do what was fun. So here's me having fun with it!

turtleneck — Basic Editions (thrifted)
sweater — Jackie Chalkley (thrifted)
pants — Express (Express*)
boots — Pierre Dumas
*I really did buy them in a real store,
but I still didn't pay full price! 

My boots are really cool (and nice and warm), so they deserve a close up. Browns and blacks like my sweater.

What worked? I was proud of my jewelery picks — I didn't go crazy and keep piling piece after piece until I was so weighted down that I could barely get out the door. No. I managed to keep it simple with just a necklace and earrings that were in the same color family as my shirt, pants, and boots.

What didn't work? Well, it was kind of boring being in browns and blacks from head to toe. But I don't think that I'd change it. It was comfortable, and I have actually worn this outfit several times this year already. Wait! Maybe, that's what's boring about it ... 

Trivia Tidbit: I actually wore this sweater with rolled-up cut-off jean shorts and black tights a few years ago to see the very cool Loring Cornish Mosaic House in Baltimore, Maryland (back when wearing dark tights with shorts in the dead of winter was all the rage). Seriously, what else would you wear to an art exhibition but the latest trendy style? I thought I was right on point until I saw my pictures, that is. You know it must have been bad, since I have the memory of what I wore permanently etched on my retinas, even without having saved a picture.

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