Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good Luck!

Day 7 of the 21-Day Challenge was to layer accessories. You can probably guess from the picture which accessory I decided to layer.

necklaces — borrowed
pin — thrifted

I layered three different necklaces and also added a pin for good luck isn't it cool?

It's a wishbone, a four-leaf clover, and a pearl all that luck rolled into one. With the way my luck has been going these days, I can use all the extra that I can get (I've also been crossing my fingers and toes). By the way, did you know that breaking the wishbone can be dated back to the fourth century? I thought it was strictly an American tradition.

One of my favorite accessory-layering blogger is Iman over at Mishaps and Miracles. She is an American living in Japan and teaching English, and she has this amazing sense of style with the greatest attitude. She inspires me to "Work it!"


Okay, so I probably need a few LOTS more lessons though. I'm not exactly working it in these pictures ... I won't bore you with all my excuses though.Suffice it to say that I have a lot going on, and I'm just exhausted.

jacket — Old Navy (thrifted)
shirt — Lauren by Ralph Lauren (thrifted)
skirt — Express (Express)
sneakers — Casual (thrifted)

Do you recognize the shirt? It's the one that I picked to remix on the first day of this challenge. 

I'm wearing an awful lot of black in both looks, but I think my sneakers changed up the look a bit. 

Even though it's a casual look, I could have and would have worn this outfit to work.

It's what I did wear to meet Patti from Not Dead Yet Style. She's the first person who I've met (in real life) from the blogging community. And she is a sweetheart! We hit it off right away. Very, very easy to talk to — she let me babble on ad infinitum. In fact, we I talked so much that we didn't even have a chance to go thrifting! I felt like I had known her forever, and I look forward to getting to know her better in the future.

Do you have any good luck charms?


  1. Great outfit, but I love the shamrock necklace for good luck!

  2. I didn't know that pearls were lucky, but I love that the pin combines all that luck in one place. I also love that you wore sneakers with this - totally perfect.

  3. I got to see this outfit in person, cool! I love the lucky shamrock pin - who doesn't need more luck, right? : >

    It was great fun to share some time with you. Hope to see you again soon!


  4. How much glad you girls got to meet! I am completely jealous and wish there was this opportunity in my area...glad you can do this! (I really like the pin!)

  5. That looks so cute with the tennis shoes!

  6. Disagree - I think you are workin it! I love that pin.. pins are some of my favorite accessories!! Thanks for your thoughts on my post yesterday. That is such a good way to look at it and I think you're exactly right that having kids probably makes a good relationship better and a bad one worse.. very wise!

  7. Necklaces are a great way of layering. Check out SheAccessorizesWell's latest post on layering necklaces: She makes me wish I had the accessories to copy cat some of these looks. Also I didn't even realize it was the same shirt! See told you striped shirts are wonderfully versatile.

  8. I want shoes like those! Love the rest of the outfit, too! You guys really inspire me.

  9. I'm so envious that you got to meet up with Patti! I LOVE her! Layering necklaces is such a great way to use more of your necklaces for different looks....and those shoes? FABULOUSLY FUN!!! ~Serene

  10. I'm so jealous that you and Patti got to meet up! Geographically (and mentally) I had placed you in different places. I totally agree that Iman is the queen of bold accessories.


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