Monday, August 15, 2011

Older than Dirt

Confucius (or maybe Kari) says: If you keep things long enough, you will eventually need them and be forever happy that you hung onto them for time immemorial (and if you believe that, I have some really wet dry swamp land for sale). Ahem. Take the shirt I'm wearing here, for example.

shirt -- no idea (it's older than dirt)
too-tight pants -- Gap 1969
sneakers -- thrifted

This shirt is probably from the late '70s or early '80s -- give or take a few years on either side. Sheesh! Who knew that something this old would still be in vogue 30 years later?* They're everywhere these days. Even Karolina Kurkova, of all people (WHO?), was spotted wearing a plaid shirt, for heaven's sake. And now, I too, can emulate her fashion-forward style and also take part in this week's Inspiration Monday, hosted by Megan & Nora over at Two Birds -- all because I never got rid of my flannel shirts.

*Do flannel shirts ever really go out of style?

Karolina Kurkova
Darn! I forgot my blue bracelet!

It's hard work posing as a movie star*. I would set the timer on the camera, and then run (okay, a really, really slow walk was all that was needed), so I would be all posed with a smile plastered on my face before the camera took the picture. I had to decide if I should dangle my arm or put my hand on my hip. Should I look at the camera or should I look pensively off into the distance? Wear sunglasses? or go fresh faced? Decisions, decisions!

*movie star -- is that as old fashioned as it sounds? 

I save everything, and I mean everything. In fact, I still have a pair of shorts that I wore in high school, and yeah, I still wear them! (I'm proud that I can still wear them. If you're lucky, maybe I'll post a picture of me wearing them one day.) I tell people that I save things because I might need them on some future date, but honestly? It's just hard for me to cut the umbilical cord.

My kids knew that, and they took advantage of my weak will.

Me: "If you can't take care of your things -- it's going in the garbage."

My kids: Hahahahaha .... 

They'd roll their eyes, and laugh -- they'd fall on the floor holding their bellies. Okay, I'm exaggerating -- my kids were great eye-rollers, but they were much too kind to laugh at my weird way of doing things. They knew that I'd never ever follow through with my threat of throwing their treasures in the garbage.

And so, my wimpy-ness gave new meaning to the phrase, "The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak." And my flesh was so very, very weak.

My kids would make this half-hearted* attempt to clean, and then after they were in bed, I'd sneak into their room. I'd clean, and I'd resort everything and put their treasures and valuables in bags and I would box them up. And then I'd stack those boxes in the attic or the basement -- somewhere (out of sight, out of mind -- that is, until you're trying to downsize). And now, 15 and 20 years later, I have boxes and boxes stuffed full of nicely labeled pictures, clothes that were outgrown, toys that were loved and forgotten (until I pull them out of a box, that is) ... And now that I am trying to sell my house, I find myself faced with parting with all these things that have so many memories attached to them.

*They were probably as overwhelmed as I am now.

In addition to Inspiration Monday at Two Birds (see all the other Karolina look-alikes here), I'm also linking to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. I think my sneakers are pretty visible! Aren't they awesome?!

Do you save or do you throw away?


  1. No, plaid shirts don't go out of style! I like this outfit. I don't know how the pants feel, but they don't look too tight, they look great!

  2. Plaid shirts are like black pants, they're forever in style. Sometimes the tartans change, just as cuts of jeans do, but they're still a classic. And I LOVE the shoes.

    I'm a thrower. I used to be a hoarder (seriously, I saved significant trash on occasion), but my family is full of absent minded gift giving. Occasionally they'll gift gems but often it'll be a piece of gaudycrap that will sit like a sore thumb unused. So I am pretty much now a minimalist. Unless something is Highly Signifcant (see the caps?) or I know 100% will be used, I get rid of it. I do try to sell, donate, swap, recycle or pawn before trashing though. I'm a sentimenalist, but I also share one room and tiny bit of garage storage with my husband.

  3. Kari - you really nailed the inspiration look! And Kandi and Megan are right: plaid is forever. But I do wish you well in your paring-down mode. It's not easy.

    Thanks for participating in Visible Monday, I appreciate you!

  4. Perfect for the inspiration look.
    I get rid of things because I was always getting something new and my weight fluctuates a lot. I have regretted getting rid of some things, but not often.

  5. I'm a "throw awayer". My hubbie is a horder and it makes me nuts. However, that shirt is still cool and works as a nice causal piece. So good job on saving it. How very green of you my dear:)

  6. Wow that so perfectly describes my philosophy and why I need a lot of storage space!! "I may not need this now but what if I need it in the future? I can't get rid of it!" It drives the husband crazy. That is so cool you've had that shirt for so long. I love flannel shirts and I don't care if it is or isn't in style in the future. I will always wear them!!

  7. That shirt is a classic! Absolutely love it!

  8. i am the same way about saving stuff. my kids already have huge boxes of stuff for when they get older...not to mention the fact that i am saving my favorite clothes for my daughter! i love your shoes, and your flannel. you're right, they don't go out of style!

  9. I love plaid shirts and I am so glad they don't go out of style. I always have 3 in my wardrobe. I am NOT a saver... I wish I were... and YES - your shoes are freaking awesome! Great post! Cheers!

  10. This skirt is totally cool again. And your shoes rock! I'm somewhere in the middle of 'thrower' and 'keeper'. I TRY to purge things I really do, but another part of me says 'Noooo Loren... SAVE it! You know for LATER! You'll NEED it!'
    But when your apartment is as small as mine eventually you gotta throw stuff out!

  11. great outfit, love the plaid sneakers. this outfit was definitely an easy week, 2 more days until we figure out what's in store for next monday

  12. You are just too funny and cute. I just might stay up all night reading your posts...they make me smile. So happy I found your corner of the blogosphere. =)

  13. Hi Kari
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. That is a great shirt.
    I too am a bit of a hoarder and struggle to throw things away. I am on a year long shopping ban and planned to downsize my wardrobe as part of it but so far I only have about 6 things in a bag to go to the charity shop yet for some reason I can't part with it.
    Lori xo

  14. Honestly, I think flannel shirts are always a key piece to have, but it has the be the right one. I've had several that I usually end up hating. Still on the hunt that one for me. Your's looks great, and is definitely a good insipred version of Miss KK there. very cute.

    Jess - Check us out if you get the chance! :)

  15. I've had plaid shirts I never wanted to part with...and when holes wore through on the labels I reluctantly let them go. So, have your kids ever APPRECIATED the fact that you held on to something?


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