Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Own Drum

Day 6 of the 21-Day Challenge was to be unconventional. I should have this one down pat — I definitely march to the beat of my own drum. Seriously though, the object of this prompt was to be creative and wear an item in an unconventional way. And so I did.

shirt — (thrifted)
pants — London Jean (Victoria's Secret)
shoes — Crocs (Dick's Sporting Goods) 
belt — (thrifted)
necklace (thrifted)   /  bracelet (thrifted)

The print on my top could actually qualify as pattern mixing. Isn't this a sweet pattern?

I really liked how the milky white of the bangle and the necklace picked up the flower petals in the print.

So what am I wearing that's so unconventional?  

My shirt is actually a dress. In fact, it's one of those cute, flirty dresses that should NOT be worn by a woman of my age. I think I saved it by wearing it tucked in as a shirt.

Don't laugh! I know that I look really dorky! 

Egads, this is bad. (Notice how I didn't make this picture as big as my other ones.) Is it the proportions that are all wrong on this? Or is it just too big? Funny thing is is that I really, really liked how this dress looked in the mirror -- I didn't think there was anything wrong with it. Why is it that we can't see a flaw when we look in the mirror, but they are magnified tenfold when we see ourselves in a picture?

Is the dress too young or does it just not fit? 
I think it's both. 


  1. I love your poses and your creativity! And I completely get the 'marching to your own drum' thing. So nice to know there are other crazy folks out there along with me.

  2. I think it could work with a belt. I'm not sure how you feel about leggins, but some capri lenght black leggins and ballet flats might do the trick as well.

    Didn't all that fabric feel uncomfortable stuffed into your pants? I've got princess and the pea syndrome, but I'm sure it's just me that suffers with it ;)

  3. haha no way, I had no idea that was a dress! It looks really cute both ways, actually. Don't be silly - a woman of "your age" can wear anything those young girls can wear, you look great!!

  4. @Coastal Harp -- TY! Yep. Crazy, that's me. It's what keeps me young. :-)
    @northeastchic -- I dunno about the leggings. The proportions just seem off in this. To me, I just look like a box in that. ick. As for the stuffing? It really wasn't bad, and I know exactly what you mean about being a princess and pea person -- I am too. (I think it's our skin coloring). I once got a bruise on my hip because I folded a waistband over, and the seam on the side was not smooth enough! Anyway, the fabric was very thin, and it was so short, so I really didn't feel it.
    @Rachel -- You are too kind. I looked dorky. I really looked dorky in the dress. Something was just off.

  5. Hi Kari! thanks for leaving comments on my blog, i love yours as well! you will be one of my favorites, I think you are so full of life!


  6. Hi Kari - I like your unconventionality v. much! I wouldn't use the word "dorky" but the dress *is* kind of boxy. I think a belt and tights would change that look. It was grand to meet you!

  7. That top is cute, and it certainly makes pattern mixing easy!

  8. @Ariane -- I like that -- being so full of life -- what a wonderful compliment! Thank you!
    @Patti -- it was dorky AND boxy! :-) I had so much fun with you! So glad to have met you.
    @Pam -- TY (I was partial to the print and the jewelry too.)
    @Rebecca -- I definitely think I'm going to wear that dress as a shirt for a pattern mixing challenge at some point.


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