Sunday, August 28, 2011

Football Shoulders

Day 11 of the 21-Day Challenge was to wear a dress or a skirt. Easy, especially during the summer. And with this challenge, I am more than halfway done! Woo hoo it has been harder than I thought to keep up with the posting.

dress — French Curve Clothing (thrifted)
sandals — Madden Girl (Marshalls)

I'm not too keen on this dress. I think it accentuates my broad shoulders and gives me the dreaded "football shoulders." 

Shoulder Pads
Image from your address here

One of the reasons I started taking pictures was to see what I really looked like in my clothes.* Now that I see how this dress actually looks, I'm thinking that it should join the "get rid of" pile.

*It's been surprising to see the difference between what I think I look like, and what I actually look like.

So, what do you think?

Is this dress a keeper or a loser?


  1. Your opinion about the dress is the only one that matters, but for what it's worth, I like it. I think it'd also work nicely with a jacket in the fall/winter. And, speaking as another person with broad shoulders, I think yours look absolutely fine. Football neck--or lack of neck, I guess I should say--is something else altogether, on the other hand. But we don't have that problem. :)

  2. I completely disagree with you...though I know I have clothes I am not comfortable in that others have told me look great. You look great in this dress and I did not look first at your shoulders. I looked at the fabulous fit on your entire figure!! I think you could even throw a jacket over it if you are not comfortable with the shoulders. I have to feel confident myself in my clothes and sometimes no matter what others say, I just will not wear something....but I do hope you will continue to wear looks amazing!!

  3. The design and bright color of the dress are very attractive, but the horizontal stripes up top do draw attention that way and exaggerate the width of your shoulders. So, you are right, but the dress is too beautiful to give up on. Try to hide that effect by adding a cardi or something else.

    And, btw, broad shoulders are a huge problem for me. I'm always worried about looking like a football player in a dress.

  4. I think broad shoulders are a style plus, and I think you look great - but you've got to *feel* great, so I say donate the dress -- and get something you love! Gotta love the clothes, right?
    P.S. The shoes are Killer.

  5. I think strong shoulder on a lady is very sexy! You look great :)

  6. Broad shoulders give hips more grace when summer ice-creams are a temptation!

  7. Your shoulders are great, Kari. And I bet you would look fabulous in a halter top. (Do women still wear halters?)

    Sharon, with no fashion sense whatsoever, so take anything I say with a grain of salt

  8. Kari, I do like a boat neck, but you've gotta wear what makes you feel beautiful! Photographing outfits has opened my eyes, too. Thanks for your comments. I like the term "crisis management." That's what it feels like. And about the "grandma" skirt. It was a thrifted find and it's a polyester midlength elastic waist skirt...exactly like something my grandma would've worn...hence I dubbed it my "grandma skirt"! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Debbie

  9. I think you look great but agree with the others...great clothes aren't great if you're not comfortable in them!

  10. I think it's a gorgeous dress. I know what you mean about the broad shoulder thing. Even if it doesn't look like it, certain pieces can still make you feel like you look a certain way. I say try it as a layering piece, but donate it if you still aren't satisfied. Wear what makes you feel good.


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