Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Blue Curls

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When you need a haircut, how do you go about it? Do you have a regularly scheduled appointment, where you go in to get a trim and an oil change every six weeks? Or do you wait until you can't stand it anymore, and then run in screaming, because you can't take it one more day? Do you have a stylist that you go to all the time? Or do you take whoever is available?

Up until a few months ago, as you can probably guess, I was in the latter category. And I was probably even worse than taking whoever was available -- I went to a beauty school. So not only did I take whoever was available, but I also had a student cutting my hair with varying degrees of experience and talent. But hey, it was cheap, and you just couldn't beat the price. But sometimes -- in fact, most of the time, my hair ended up looking just like that -- like I had had a pretty cheap haircut.

Then I found Taquoia. And I have to say, "Wow." This girl cuts hair like I have never seen before. She is amazing! This is what she did today. Do you think I should keep her as my hair dresser?

Oh. My. I love her. I found her at the school, and I am SO lucky that she was assigned to me. I have never EVER had somebody cut my hair as good as she does. I put her name in my phone immediately, and that's where it stays. And I follow her from salon to salon (she's cut my hair three times now, and each time it looks better than the time before). 

She is not afraid of hair. Even though she just got her license, I think she has been cutting hair for a long time. She cuts my hair dry, because she sees where the natural curl is, as opposed to when it is wet and your hair lays the way you comb it. And fast. Boy is she fast!

Today, I walked in, and said, "Taquoia, just work your magic." I told her that I knew I would like what she did, so she should just do her thing, and I didn't even get nervous (didn't even look in the mirror while she was cutting!). When she was done, and I looked in the mirror, I squealed. Literally. And then I danced out of that salon and into my car.

And then I danced right back in.

"Taquoia! How do I make it look like this again?!"

Then when I got home, I was still so excited (can you tell that getting a GOOD haircut is still such an amazing treat for me?!) that I couldn't wait to get dressed for work so that I could show it off!

shirt -- Dia
skirt -- Anthony Richards (thrifted)
belt -- thrifted
boots -- Dexter (Payless)

My skirt was another oversized skirt that I hoisted up to my armpits and wore as a dress (my faux dress look again). My shirt -- I've had so long I can't remember a time that I didn't have it.

Oh my, did I prance around work today! That is the only word for it -- I pranced.

The only caveat I gave to Taquoia was that I didn't want any blue curls. She wasn't quite sure what I meant, and then I explained -- you know, the little old ladies with the blue-tinted hair, going in for the weekly hair appointment? I told her that I wasn't ready for blue curls yet.

She promised me that I would not get blue curls.

What do you think?


  1. A great cut makes all the difference in the world!!
    Yours looks adorable
    I have one person that I always go to and she can usually get me in pretty quick. I am a wait until a week after I should have had it cut girl. LOL

  2. I love the hair!!! It makes such a difference feeling good about your hair, doesn't it? I go to Melissa every 4 weeks for a cut and color (I am platinum so I need to go more often). She does an awesome job and I can't think of going to anyone else. When I lived in another city I went to Pam for 10 years. So - I guess I like being a regular... and I AGREE!! NO BLUE CURLS EVER!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following yours now! Cheers!

  3. @Nenny -- you're biased :-)

    @Brett -- it feels heavenly! She is just amazing. And even with having somebody great, I am definitely a wait until I can't stand and then some girl as well! and then I kick myself afterwards!

    @Sherry -- thank you for stopping by. I never had anybody who was worth having as my regular, and now -- I am terrified of the day she leaves me :-)

  4. I think your hairdresser did a wonderful job on your hair. It looks fantastic and makes me miss my short hair.

  5. The haircut looks very natural and easy care too. I can tell you are pleased. Did any of the fellas in the office notice?

  6. @Gracey -- I have had short hair on and off all through my life. When I was little, I hated it because everybody thought I was a little boy. :-) I'll probably get tired of it in a little while again and start growing it out. Taquoia (my hairdresser) said she would love to give me extensions. I'm kind of curious about them ...

    @Terry -- did the fellas notice? hahaha ... the way I was prancing around? and I gave new meaning to the phrase grinning from ear to ear. :-) One of the guys said that I should install a mirror next to my desk, so I didn't have to keep going to the ladies room to look. But they all liked it -- I could tell.

  7. Your hair looks fab! I did the hairdresser hop for a while until I found a great one. My hair is a bit shorter than yours, and I go in every 6 weeks for a trim. And as it gets close to the time, I find that I have more trouble styling it and liking it.

    Your smile and obvious happiness is a sure sign of a great haircut.

    (I hate posting anonymously, but I am having trouble with me livejournal account. In any case, I am Maria, and I live in Uruguay, South America).


  8. Meant to say "... are a sure sign of a great haircut"!


  9. While I love me some "blue-haired-gals"( I work with the elderly) you are not even close to being one of them. That stylist is a total keeper. You look beautiful and the joy radiates in your photos. It's amazing how feeling pretty really elevates ones mood. I'm inclined to believe thats why we bloggers do this...

  10. @Maria -- Thanks so much! I really think that I need to mark it on my calendar so that I go in on a more regular basis. By the time I go in, I look more like a shaggy dog than a person!

    @Doreen -- I love the blue-haired ladies! They know so much, and usually they're so funny! They have the best stories. But I still don't want blue hair (or to be called ma'am!). Horrors! And yes, it's one of the reasons that I started doing this -- was to feel better about myself. I have a tendency (especially after my marriage) to look at myself and criticize everything about me. It's something that I still need to fight. It's really really hard to give myself a compliment.

  11. A great cut really does make a difference! Stick with a good stylist when you find one. I usually try to find an "older" stylist who was cutting hair back in the 80s because many younger stylists I've had do my razor cuts aren't as skilled at it.

    You may not be ready for blue curls, but that blue skirt is lovely!

  12. @Megan Mae -- thanks! I've been finding all these really great oversized elastic waist skirts at the thrift centers lately -- they're easy to wear and to style.


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