Friday, March 18, 2011

Faux Dress

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My dress today was actually a skirt. I just hiked it up to my shoulders, and layered a cardigan over it so you couldn't tell that it was strapless and sleeveless. I can't take credit for this idea -- I've seen a lot of bloggers do this and thought that it would be easy enough to try.

I really was quite pleased -- both with the idea of wearing the skirt this way as well as how it turned out. Usually it takes me a few tries before I can say, "Yeah. I really like that." The only thing that I wasn't quite sure about was the asymmetry of the hem. 

skirt -- J.B.S. Ltd (thrifted)
cardigan -- Old Navy 
boots -- Dansko (outlet)

I had to take my picture on the QT (and with the timer), so this is the only one that came out halfway decent. Even so, I think you get the idea of how it turned out -- I might retake the pictures this weekend, so I can get a better shot of it. 

My necklace was Chico's (thrifted). It really picked up the print in my skirt. I don't think that I could have found a better match!

And now for something completely different: In late November, the company I work for was bought out by a larger company -- a larger company that prides itself on swallowing up smaller companies (and yes, they are proud of it). I don't know when or why or how this became something to be proud of. 

Anyway, for the past three months, as we have become absorbed into the bigger company, we (and by we, I mean us worker bees -- AKA the low men on the totem pole) have had to go through one change (disruption) after another. The latest is how we do our timesheets. We had been clocking in and out on the computer every day, which was another issue altogether. 

Now, we have to manually fill out a time sheet, send it to our boss, who signs it, and then sends it to her boss. Her boss then has to open and upload every time sheet to a server, which can then be accessed by somebody in India. That person has to then manually enter our information on to a spreadsheet, which then comes back to somebody in payroll. 

We have reverted to the dark ages.


  1. Thanks for your comments on For Japan With Love. I'm so glad you stopped by and shared.


  2. I really like this look, and the asymmetrical hem looks great.

    I've seen this look on several bloggers too, but I look like hell in strapless dresses, so I've never tried it.

    You look lovely though - very chic yet relaxed.

  3. @Gracey -- Thanks! I am terrified of strapless dresses! That's why I covered it up with a cardigan. I was nervous of the asymmetrical hem -- I was worried that it looked like I was wearing a nightgown.

  4. You know I love me a good print! Love the dress/skirt and accessories.


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