Sunday, March 27, 2011

Go-To Outfit

Friday, March 25, 2011

If you could wear anything you wanted, what would it be? Would you pull out the same thing each time? Or would you pull out something different? Would it be something dressy? Or something casual?

Before I started writing this blog -- or really before I started taking my picture every day, I would have said that that my "go-to" outfit would have been a pair of jeans (or comfy sweats) and a t-shirt. If I was just going to stay around the house, then it would definitely be sweats, but if I was going to venture out, then I would get changed into a pair of jeans.

I loved casual Friday at work for that reason -- I could wear my go-to outfit. I could wear what I was comfortable in -- I could wear jeans. Yay!

shirt -- Variations
belt (thrifted)
jeans -- Lee (thrifted)
blazer -- Old Navy (thrifted)
boots -- Nomad (thrifted)

Today I was shocked to realize that I didn't want to wear jeans! Wow -- what happened? It's Friday, and I didn't want to wear jeans! I am having so much fun in getting dressed up lately, that I didn't want to wear jeans today. You can't really do anything different with them. I mean, I tried, but I couldn't really come up with anything that was a little different -- that would make wearing jeans a little bit more exciting. 

I tried wearing a scarf -- aggh ... talk about feeling all bulked up. I played around with wearing a belt, and with wearing boots -- nada. zip. It just felt boring.

What is a jean-loving girl woman to do?


  1. I like the way the scarf looks with your new haircut.

    I don't even own any sweats--so somewhat baggy jeans are my usual comfy "grading" clothes. About the only thing different I can think to do with them is to roll up the legs. I don't do that very often myself.

  2. You don't own any sweats? wow ... I'm impressed. Although recently I have pretty much given up my sweats for yoga pants.


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