Sunday, November 27, 2011

White Hair

I bet if I throw my head back and laugh out loud, nobody will see my white hair.

shirt — Levi's Red Tab (don't remember: it's older than dirt)
dress — Madison Leigh (thrifted)
woolly tights — no label, but purchased new! :-)
shoes — Dansko (Dansko factory outlet)

Hahahaha! Yeah, right. Do you think if I keep telling myself that, I'll start to believe it? NAH. I didn't think so, but it was worth a try! I'll probably still pull out those darn hairs if no one's looking, which is why I have a big old bald spot in the top front of my head that I now have to hide (see the cowlick in the top center of my forehead).

The little cap sleeves on this dress are kind of corny. In my day and age, cap sleeves mean that your dress is not a jumper, and there's no use pretending that it is. But ... but ... but ... the houndstooth check in brown and black practically screams fall or winter  — doesn't it? And if that's the case, I can't imagine having bare arms in what can be freezing cold mornings (or evenings) during the northeastern fall and winter months. On top of my need to stay warm, the idea of exposing my fish-belly white arms, the color of which is status quo for this time of year, makes me positively shudder.

Am I missing some other way to style this pseudo jumper? How do you possibly wear it without putting something under it?

The other thing that gives me pause about this dress is its shape. In retrospect, however, that didn't bother me as much as those silly cap sleeves. It made it a lot more comfortable to wear during the gluttony that was my Thanksgiving. 

Linking up to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday, because well ... my glittery shoes and my white hair are pretty visible, don't you think? (And yes, I am joking — sort of.)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Glittery shoes are awesome! I like your houndstooth dress, with the little sleeves. But you could cut the sleeves off, maybe, if you don't like them. (Not that I'm much of a sewer - I'd probably just tuck them under : > )
    Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday - you look terrific!

  2. What about wearing a black cardigan on top? Or maybe you don't do sweaters.

    --Sharon who would be bald if all the white hair was pulled out

  3. You look wonderful in this dress, but you might belt it and add a fitted black jacket for a different look. I make sure I cover up those white hairs on a regular basis!! CONGRATULATIONS on the football team...I just love football and it is so much fun when your team advances. We got beat Saturday night in the semifinals! So Sad.

  4. I struggled with the graying of my hair but eventually gave in. Age can't be fought, only managed. Your hair looks cute.

  5. It looks cute the way you styled it, fun and approachable. But it would look great with a cardi or a little jacket too.

  6. Could you put a cardigan over it? I think that would look cute.

  7. I kind of like the dress worn as a "pseudo jumper," though the other comments have great ideas, too. I do think a belt might be really cute and fun with that dress as well.

  8. I love glittery shoes. I have several pair and wear them proudly. I would really, really like to find some glittery red shoes (a la Dorothy's ruby red slippers.)
    I think a cardigan would be good with it, but you look great as is.

  9. I see the gray/white hair but I see more the beautiful smile! ^_^


  10. I think the dress is quite lovely. It would go with anything imo. Try pairing it with a cobalt or teal shade. I like it layered, I didn't really see the cap sleeve until I read it. Just go with it. ;D

  11. Cowlicks just need a good hairdresser, that's all!:)


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