Thursday, July 14, 2011

Short Skirts

 camisole — Express (borrowed)
top — Poof! (borrowed)
skirt — Bongo (thrifted)
scarf — borrowed

My wardrobe choices lately have been abysmal. On most days, my go-to outfit has been a pair of boxer gym shorts and a muscle T tank top. What can I say? It's a conspiracy -- the heat on the East Coast coupled with my employment status has given me zero motivation to dress in anything but something cool, easy, and comfortable.

But after a couple of weeks days of dressing in boxers and a tank, I have to say that I miss getting dressed up in something fun, or in something pretty, or in something just plain crazy. So when I heard of the Summer Trends Fashion Challenge that Megan of Megan Mae Daily and Keely of Casual Chic Kiki came up with, I figured what better way to give me some incentive to put some real clothes on. And what's really good, is that I don't have to worry about being pulled into my boss's office and told that my outfit is inappropriate for work, so I can really stretch myself right now. (I knew there would be a silver lining to being unemployed.)

Monday's challenge was to wear stripes and florals.

I'm surprised at how much I liked the way this looked. I love the colors, and I just really like the effect. I think that I was cheating a little bit, because I still can't really figure out how to wear a scarf. How do you possibly wear a scarf in the summertime? But I still like the way the patterns and the colors played off of each other.

I'm a bit nervous about wearing a skirt that's so short. You know what the fashion gurus say about old ladies (me) and mini skirts -- they go together like oil and water, or in other words, they don't! But I kind of like this length on me (actually, I think mini skirts are shorter -- yeah, that's it). In fact, it's one of my favorite lengths. I'm not saying that I would ever wear this particular skirt with a pair of stiletto heels, but definitely with a pair of flip flops, my trusty Crocs, or even my Birks.

But today, since I wasn't going anywhere, I just opted for bare feet.


  1. I like the color palette (and I don't usually care for blue). I don't see anything wrong with your skirt length either.

    As to how to wear a scarf in the summer? I'd wear it over a strappy top or halter dress as a sort of mini shawl. Having it tied around my neck would drive me crazy in the heat.

  2. If I can bend over to pick up something without worrying about my underwear showing, it's not a miniskirt, says I. The skirt you have on is the length I love to wear, too--it looks great with bare legs in summer and tights in cooler seasons. I paid attention during Academichic's Dress Your Best event a little while ago and consciously chose my legs as one of the things I really like about my body. Truthfully, I was a little surprised at how great it felt to let them be seen, rather than hide them simply because I'm forty-nine.

    And then another woman my age made a (well-intentioned) comment about my "cheerleader skirt," and for a moment I felt . . . well, taken aback, for sure. Maybe ashamed? I had to take a deep breath or two, but the next day I wore another skirt of the same length, on purpose.

  3. You've still got great runner's legs, so you can totally pull that skirt off. I think the length is perfect. And I LOVE how you did stripes and florals - never would have expected this but it's great.

  4. I was quite surprised at how much I liked the stripes and florals after doing it for the challenge. I love your striped top! And I am a sucker for scarves, so good job!

    As long as your butt doesn't show when you bend over, you're good on the skirt length!

  5. Great casual way of doing floral and stripes! I agree with Style Journey, if you don't show booty, you're a-okay.

    I love scarves but never know how to wear them, even in winter. I can't stand things tied around my neck, so I opt for cowl necks more. Still there are some mighty lovely scarves out there.

  6. I Like this look on you a lot. The blue floral with the blue stripe at least looks fresh and cool even though the weather may not be. And, I say YES to this skirt length. You've got good legs--flaunt 'em.

  7. @RedHeadedQuilter -- Thanks! I was surprised at how much I liked the color palette too.
    @Sue -- I'm 53, so I get really, really paranoid about wearing something that is too young for me. But you're right -- I was able to bend over in that one.
    @Gracey -- not so sure about still having those runner's legs. I mean, what about my fat knees?
    @Style Journey -- I was surprised too at how much fun I had with this. In fact, I kept rummaging around in my daughter's clothes trying to find something more to wear with the stripes and florals.
    @Megan Mae -- I'm having a lot of fun with this challenge! And I am right with you on not being able to figure out how to wear a scarf -- mostly because I can't stand them around my neck!
    @Terri -- Thanks! The only thing that made me a little nervous, well the second thing that made me nervous was that my top looked like it was unzipping to expose my boobs ...

  8. Cute outfit, love your skirt!


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