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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Knee-high boots have been all the rage this year, and after drooling every time I saw somebody wearing them, I ended up buying, not one, but two pairs. I first got an expensive pair at DSW and a pretty cheap pair at Payless. I ended up returning the ones at DSW -- I was worried that it would be yet another thing that would sit in my closet because I didn't have the courage to wear them. I definitely could not justify keeping both pairs, when I wasn't even sure if I would wear one pair!

Even though the Payless pair weren't exactly what I wanted, style wise, I hung onto them thinking that if I didn't end up wearing them, then it would not be as big a waste of money. On the flip side, if I did end up wear them, then I could kind of play around with how to wear them.

And lo and behold -- I wore them!


shirt -- Native Basic (Marshalls)
dress -- Gap
leggings -- Gap
boots -- Dexter (Payless)
necklace -- thrifted

These pictures just confirm that I want another pair with some kick-ass heels on them! 


  1. WHOA! Those boots are rocking my world!

    Thanks for coming by and saying hello today. It's nice to "meet" you!

  2. Thanks Tracy! I enjoy your blog. You always look so happy -- like you're having a blast.


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