Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Like It Hot

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sweater -- Amita (Freecycle freebie)
pants --London Jean (Victoria's Secret)
scarf -- thrifted
clogs -- Dansko (outlet)
purse -- Payless (thrifted)
umbrella -- haha

It was a beautiful day today -- the kind of day that gives you spring fever. I didn't realize how nice it was, until I was dressed and walking out of the house. So then, when I walked into work with this outfit on (my sweater, in particular), I got the comment, "You're going to be hot in that!" And that's the truth -- I was. But I think it was worth it. I was really comfortable, and I was really happy with the way I looked.

I think that with this outfit, I finally found a "scarf look" on me that I like. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I only put the scarf on for the picture. I still can't get used to wearing a scarf around my neck -- to have the scarf adorn my neck like a necklace instead of to keep my neck warm. I do like that the scarf was kind of an animal print -- I almost feel like I am in style (well, maybe a step behind).

My purse was another departure for me. An orange purse, instead of a black or brown one. I stopped by the thrift store on my way in to work, and I swear I hit the purse gold mine. Wow! Did I score!. Each one I saw was better than the last one. I got two orange ones, a black leather one, a brown leather one made in Australia (really, really cool -- it's more like a case), a purple one, and a red one. They were all so cheap that I ended up getting them all. My daughter was so jealous when she saw my loot this morning. I liked the orange one so much, that I switched purses in the car in the parking lot.

Except for my pants, my entire outfit was put together out of thrifted items. The sweater, the scarf, and my purse. You can't see my belt, but that was thrifted as well. Not bad, huh?

And about the umbrella -- I know I look silly, but honestly -- I am kind of a silly person. It's fun to be silly, and it's a heck of a lot easier to have my picture taken when I'm being silly and goofy than when I am just standing there trying to smile. 

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