Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just Walk On By!

Keep reading if you want to see something even scarier than this outfit!

skort — Greg Norman (thrifted)
sweater — Bill Blass Jeans (thrifted)
booties — Blowfish (DSW)

This skort* was such a pretty cobalt blue color that I couldn't pass by the rack without snatching it up, especially since cobalt blue had been designated as an IT color for the fall. I tried the skort on and even though it was probably two sizes too big, I thought I could make it work. Hey, it stayed up under its own power, so it couldn't have been all that big, right? Besides cobalt blue is a good color for redheads and for erstwhile strawberry blondes like me. That's partly how I justified this purchase, but it had more to do with how I spend my money — I struggle with spending money on myself because I don't ever feel deserving of it. So I make do with what I can find even if it's not the right size, the right shape, or the right anything.

*skort: A skirt with a pair of shorts underneath.

I did actually wear this to work in early October — back when I was still commuting to DC and not through DC. It was a gray and rainy day out, and I thought the blue would brighten up the day. It's probably no surprise that that idea didn't work as planned. I ended up feeling dumpy and frumpy all day (note the pained expression on my face). It's kind of surprising that I have actually posted these pictures — it brings all those insecure, dumpy, and frumpy and not worthy feelings back.

And you know what? 

If anything is going to make you feel less deserving, it's those feelings. And that's my own damn fault — I inflicted them upon myself. I should have had the self-control and the wherewithal to pass up the pretty blue color and the thrift-store price, and just walked on by, secure in the knowledge that I was worth more than that.
If you see me walking down the street
And I start to cry each time we meet
Walk on by, walk on by

Make believe that you don't see the tears
Just let me grieve in private 'cause each time I see you
I break down and cry
And walk on by (don't stop)
And walk on by (don't stop)
And walk on by

I just can't get over losing you
And so if I seem broken and blue
Walk on by, walk on by

Foolish pride
Is all that I have left
So let me hide
The tears and the sadness you gave me
When you said goodbye
Walk on by
and walk on by
and walk by (don't stop)

I need to see the losers more often, so I can remind myself that I deserve to feel good in what I wear, and that I should love everything that I buy. And, for me, that means that it can be way more important to spend a little more money if it's going to change the way I feel about myself. Anyway .... enough psychoanalysis (for now anyway. I'm sure it's going to keep popping up, like a pimple in the center of your chin, when you least want it too ... AGGH!). 

But as promised, here's my really scary picture ...

What do you think about this critter? I was taking those pictures of myself, when I happened to look over, and this guy was just hanging out on the screen next to me! WHOA! I have no idea what kind of critter he was, but was he ever huge (and to put him in a better perspective, I'm not an insect phobe)! I don't think he was particularly dangerous — a stinging kind of thing, but after my episode this summer (read about it here), I didn't want to put a whole lot of faith and trust into what he could or could not do! Or what he would or would not do!

Thanks for sticking by me, through all my whining and moaning posts of late. I'll try and work on that. The holidays tend to be kind of a rough time of year for me, and then with the commute and my job situation — I just feel worn down and worn out. On a happy note, I do really like this picture of me ...

Linking up to Stacy at Spunky Chateau for her Thursdays is for Thrifters. My take on thrifting was a bit different this week, but my outfit wasn't a complete fail ... I liked my sweater, and I learned a valuable lesson (let's just hope that it sinks in).


  1. The cobalt blue is a pretty color, and it looks like the waist would be easy to take in. I am sending good job thoughts your way!

  2. I live in Texas where critters are abundant and I have never seen one like that...all I need is a new bug to worry about, so hopefully he stays up north!!
    I think you should wear lots of cobalt is a vibrant, beautiful color for you!

  3. First things first: I'm pretty sure that's an eastern striped cricket, and it's a female--the long "tail" is an ovipositor, not a stinger. Nothing to worry about at all.

    What you wrote about settling for things that are not-quite-right hit me with a shock of recognition and brought up all sorts of really unpleasant memories and feelings. (I have a bright-colored skort story, too: it was on super-clearance at JC Penney for like $3, and I hung on to it for a couple of years. In a fit of rebellion I put it in the Goodwill bin this summer.) You're absolutely right--we have to tell ourselves that we deserve to feel good in our clothes. Thanks for the reminder. I think that means the black jacket I just got because it was okay and really discounted has to go back, because honestly, it's just kind of eh.

    Oh, and I fervently wish I could crawl into a hole before Thanksgiving and emerge after January 1.

  4. Gorgeous cobalt blue skort! I've got a skirt in a similar shade I have yet to pull out. I've been "saving it" (gotta stop that).

    The bug there would be a Cave Cricket! I used to suffer those little suckers every season change at my grandparents. I used to cry when I saw them because they jump like crazy. I will admit to sleeping on the couch some nights if one was in my room and disappeared.

    They're harmless, but they're scary because they jump and are hard to kill/remove.

  5. Oh that is an UGLY bug! I hate bugs, always have.
    The cobalt blue is a beautiful color on you. You do deserve to have things you love. We are so hard on ourselves and we should not be. I think blogging is bringing out the better me that realizes that no one is perfect and we each have things we don't really like about ourselves, but we should love ourselves for what we are.
    Hang in there. I am hoping life gets better for you, especially the job situation.

  6. Hey Kari - that bug needs its own zip code. It's great that Sue was able to ID it, and take the fear factor out!

    I do think you look good in these pics, but I have felt the frumpy feeling and it's not a happy one. Buy things you love, you deserve it, and like Debbi said, Hang in there, sister : >

  7. thanks for pointing that out. I really laughed when I saw it. that's what I get for working on my iphone to save time!

  8. That is a female cricket. The "tail" is her ovipositor. I developed an appreciation for crickets when I worked in the Mammoth Cave area of Kentucky in the early 1980s - there are a number of "blind" creatures, without pigmentation, down in the caves. I saw a lot of cave crickets. This one has the same shape (a more rounded body) but is brown, so I assume she can see and is a normal cricket for your region. They're okay - lots of other critters eat them. The only time I have problems with them is when they sneak into a shoe in the closet and start chirping from this hiding place in the middle of a summer night. (But those chirping crickets are the males).


  9. In case the name doesn't clue you in, "ovipositor" is for laying eggs (in this case, in the ground). They don't sting or bite.

  10. Cobalt is the best color for cheering yourself up. And I agree, it's a great color for strawberry blondes like you.

  11. I hate crickets so much! I'm really scared of them...more than pretty much any other bug. I completely understand about not feeling good in your clothes. I've done that to myself way too many times. We definitely do deserve to be happy wit what we wear. Thanks for linking up!

  12. here in texas we have bugs all year long. they're a complete nuisance. that is a nice picture of you.

  13. Hi Kari, I think the blue is a great color for you. Sending you a cyber hug!!

  14. I too think is a great color on you and this outfit looks great! I think it's great that you came to the conclusion that it's worth getting some good outfits that really fit. Good luck in finding those.


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