Thursday, December 8, 2011

Looking Edgy

How does one go about looking edgy?

sweater — Charter Club (thrifted)
dress — Good Show Tickets (thrifted)
belt — New York Studio (thrifted) / chunky necklace — thrifted
jacket — Limited (thrifted)
tights — Kmart (purchased new!)
boots — Empire by Mootsies Tootsies (thrifted)
necklace — thrifted

More about that later. First of all, did you notice that my entire outfit was thrifted? Well, except for my tights. If you were worried, you can rest assured, I buy my tights brand new. I do get them in a discount store, but nobody — and I mean nobody but me! — has wiggled their little toes into them.

I kind of impressed myself with this outfit. It may not have been a "Hot Damn, Girl" outfit like this one here was, but it was still a Damn Good one. LOL. The dress *was* a sleeveless midi — I cut about three inches off the length, and then hemmed it (for real! I used a needle and thread this time instead of pins, like I did here), and then threw the sweater on top. I still need to turn the hem under again and then use the iron on it to make it look really good.

But back to my original question ... How does one look "edgy"? I don't have a really good defined idea of what edgy looks like in my book, but I know that whatever "it" looks like, it's not me. You'll find my picture in the dictionary under cute or sweet. AGGGH! Growing up ... I'm the one who always got her cheeks pinched in the grocery store by some person I didn't know. Blech. I'm going to be 80 years old, and people will still tell me that I'm soooooo cute. I don't want to look hard, but sometimes I wish that I could look like somebody you wouldn't mess around with.

I was trying to look edgy here (like a secret agent man), but instead I just looked like I was freezing!


Looking "cute" has its benefits though. I think it makes me look approachable. People, really nice people*, will just start talking to me. It doesn't matter where I am — on the train, the metro, the bus, on line somewhere, or walking up and down the aisles in a store. Invariably, somebody will start talking to me. It's kind of nice, it really is. 

* I do attract my fair share of crazies. The worst of them all? The dirty old men who will say something off color just to try and see me blush. It doesn't happen that much anymore, but when I was younger? Oh, my! I'm blushing right now thinking about it. 

Today, I got this letter in the mail from a lady whose bracelet I had admired on the metro a couple of weeks ago. She had given me her card so I could call her and find out where she got it. I called her, reached her voice mail, and left a message with my name and number. I meant to follow up and call her again, but I never did. And then today, I get this letter from her! She had searched me out, copied all the information about her bracelet and necklace, printed it out and sent it to me.

And this picture? 

This picture is probably one of my favorite pictures of all time. It was taken a long time ago, by a stranger at Baltimore Airport. She took the picture (yes, that's a MUCH younger version of me with my kids) with her camera, and then mailed it to me! And this was way back in the days before email and digital cameras — back when you had to take the film to a store to be developed, and then mail the picture with a stamp in an envelope. I love it.

Sometimes it's not all that bad to be cute. 

I'll bet you're not surprised that with my almost 100% thrifted outfit that I'm linking up to Spunky Chateau and Thursdays are for Thrifters.

And because I'm dressed all in brown, I'm double dipping again and linking up to Keely at and Megan Mae at for Neutrals Week


  1. :) there's that picture again?

    did you modify the dress with your new sewing machine?

  2. That was so sweet of her to mail the photo to you! I miss sharing physical photos nowadays and meeting up to show pictures to friends!

    I'm so impressed with your thrifted outfit. Particularly love the skirt and jacket. Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Yes, you are cute and not really naturally edgy - neither am I! I love the way you describe the advantages of cute (and a few of the downsides too : >)

    But you do look cool and confident, and like a woman to be reckoned with too - love your jacket with the collar flipped up, and your boots give your look an "edge".

  4. Hi Kari! I love to put sweater & skirt together as well. I'm not quite sure what makes an outfit edgy either...but you look cute, NO, I mean you look classy & beautiful! That pic of you and your kids are precious. YOU are a HOT mamma and your kids are all SO gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

  5. We probably have the same ancestors because I'm also not edgy, and was always described as sweet or cute. As you point out, it has its upsides and downsides.

    I'm sorry the commute situation is still awful. Are you considering moving closer to your work or is that not an option?

  6. I really like your jacket! Being "cute" does indeed invite people to talk to you! I think that's why I tend to dress more gothicky or badass.. that and just suits my attitude better.

    How cool about that lady mailing you the photo. Nice people are hard to find these days.

  7. Your family is really cute, and I like that belt is really fun. Being cute sure does feel nice sometimes!

  8. Kari, I have no idea what edgy is. When you figure it out, let me know! I do love your belt and think it might be an edgy piece. You look really classy in this outfit. And almost all thrifted, how cool is that?
    That is a really sweet photo of you and your kids. A very nice memory of how the picture was taken.

  9. Heh! Yeah, I don't do edgy, either. I do think that long coat has a bit of funky chic going on, though. Is that close enough? I love that photo of you and your kids. It is just so adorable. And I mean that in a GOOD way!

  10. Hi Kari, I appreciate your candor and humor. There are many similarities in our stories, not the least of which, is being from Delaware! Another, is the fun in playing dress up! I had never made time for myself, I guess, but I beginning to now. I think you look good in your clothes! I say, color the white hair, if you want to! You are just too spunky for white hair, this young! Well, carry on, and keep trying to be kind to yourself.


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