Monday, August 8, 2011

Extreme Make Over

I had a lot of fun with this fashion shoot. Ha ha. Me -- on a fashion shoot?! But seriously, that's how it felt when I was putting this outfit together, and then having my daughter take the pictures.

dress -- Caroline Wells Collection (thrifted)
denim vest -- Nature Express (thrifted)
boots -- American Eagle (Payless)
bag -- Oroton (thrifted)
necklace -- (thrifted)  /  bracelets (thrifted)  /  earrings (DIY)

This outfit was put together for another fashion challenge. (These days, if it wasn't for fashion challenges, I don't think that I'd bother getting dressed.) Not only are the challenges challenging , but they're also a lot of  fun, and today's challenge, brought to us by Megan and Nora at Two Birds, was no different. They used this picture of Sienna Miller and challenged us to recreate her look in a way that would work for us.

So I rummaged around in my closet, and decided to use this dress.

Pretty hideous, huh? (I think it's from the 80s -- that says it all.)

Well, I pinned it up (can you see the pins?) to make the dress shorter, because it was way too long,
added the denim vest, the boots, a chunky necklace and the bag, and voila!

What do you think about my "extreme make over?"

I could have used sunglasses, and the boots weren't really right (they should have been shorter), and my hem needed to be even -- but I loved how this ended up!

Now go on over to Two Birds to see who else recreated Sienna's look.

I'm also linking up to Visible Monday, sponsored by Patti at Not Dead Yet Style.
Her guidelines were to wear something -- anything -- that makes you feel more confident, alive, and visible.
I think I succeeded with this outfit, don't you?


  1. I like how you transformed that dress. Quite remarkable! It looks like that print would be wonderfully versatile, too.

  2. great idea shortening the dress, i have a bag just like that! i'd love to see a detail shot of your bangle

  3. Kari - you did a great job! I actually like long dresses this season, but your shorter version looks fantastic on you. You nailed the vest and the bag too. A+!

    Thanks for participating in Visible Monday.

  4. I love how you copied this look! I LOVE that bag - super cute and stylish! Cheers!

  5. I actually like your boots BETTER! You look like you are ready to hit the bookstore or coffee house ( strickly independant of course).

  6. I absolutely love this. Those boots are *fantastic* and I love the bag!

  7. Brilliant. I've passed over dresses like this a million times in the thrift store because they felt so dated. But you've shown me that shortening them does, in fact, modernize them. And that adding modern accessories doesn't hurt either!

  8. @Anne -- Thanks so much for visiting and for the kind comments! I think I'll be able to use the dress again too!
    @A Bug -- Thanks for visiting! I love my bag! I thought I had a detail shot of the bangle -- but didn't. I'll have to post it another day.
    @Patti -- Thanks for stopping by! I'm not minding long dresses as much as I used to, but this one was a really strange length.
    @Northeastchic -- you are too sweet!
    @Meagan -- I got so many comments on my bag, that I think my Thursday post will be all about it! Thanks for stopping by.
    @Gracey -- you know, I had major regrets about that dress because it was so dated, but I am so glad that I ended up getting it! This was such a fun challenge!
    @Sherry -- stay tuned for a bag post. :-)

  9. I like it!! And I'm coveting that bag! I want a messenger bag so bad. Why can't I ever find one when thrifting!!

  10. I am in love with your motorcycle boots. And I agree, these challenges are so much fun! I love how you completely changed the look of the dress. Debbie

  11. Noway! The boots are perfect. I want to rip this look right off you! (except I don't wear florals.) I love the denim vest and the harness boots. This is such a perfect summer outfit. I'd see about revamping that summer dress to make it permanently knee length. Also the big chain is perfect! Love the edge.

  12. The challenge is the fun part. Wearing it daily is the hard part!
    Good job and happy to see you so into it!

  13. i love how you accessorized. that bag is amazing and i love the brown motorcycle boots. two more things i will be on the look out for while thrifting!


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