Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spanning the Globe

Day 2 of Kayla's 21-Day Challenge over at Freckles in April was to tuck it in.

"Tuck what?" you ask.

That was up to us -- you can tuck a shirt, a scarf, or even pants (into your boots, for example, or even into your socks if you're riding a bike). I decided to tuck a shirt, using an "inward full tuck." In other words, my inside shirt was completely tucked in.

tank -- Old Navy (Old Navy)
shirt -- Basic Editions (thrifted)
skirt -- Bongo (thrifted)
sandals -- Sbicca of California (freebie from a friend)

Points were lost for my tuck technique because I had to pull my shirt out of the tuck to disguise the paunch in the front. I did get full points for standing tall, however.

Before deciding on the skirt, I tried a pair of cut offs and Crocs, and it just didn't work (I was trying to look like Kayla here). An outward full tuck (outer shirt completely tucked in) was extremely uncomfortable (I could barely breathe because my shorts were too tight).

Not only that, but I also had a severe muffin top. I tried camouflaging the muffin top with an outward half tuck (one side of the outer shirt pulled out). This was somewhat better.

shorts -- cut-off jeans (thrifted and DIY)
shoes -- Crocs (thrifted)

But what do I do with this parachute of material that puffed out in the back? Is there a trick to cutting off jean shorts that I don't know about? Do the pants have to fit a certain way to avoid the parachute? Were they just too tight?

The skirt was a much better choice, don't you think?

Now for something completely different. When I hear the word "tuck," diving and gymnastics comes to mind. As a kid, I would be parked in front of the TV every Saturday afternoon, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (or was it 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.?), watching ABC's Wide World of Sports. I didn't always like the sports that were televised, but, c'mon, it was the WIDE WORLD of SPORTS, so I watched it anyway.

"Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport...
the thrill of victory... and the agony of defeat...
the human drama of athletic competition...
This is
ABC's Wide World of Sports!"

As I listened to Jim McKay, I'd imagine myself as a cliff diver in Acapulco, a gymnast doing a floor routine, a track star leaning across the finish line -- whatever sport happened to be featured that Saturday. I'd go down to the lake and practice diving. One time, I even pulled out my parents' record albums and tried to choreograph my somersaults and backbends to music to emulate a floor routine.

What did you imagine being as a kid?

Now head over to Freckles in April to see who tucked what. 

Since multiple items in this post were thrifted (skirt, shirt, shorts, Crocs), I'm also linking to Thursdays are for Thrifters Link Party 15, hosted by Meghan at Spunky Chateau


  1. Cute pattern mixing. Those type of cotton tops are my favorite for summer layers.

    As for the shorts - I'm going with the cut just isn't right. Shorts that lay against the body would be cut different so the cut-offs may just not be the right cut (as in style of denim) to be made into shorts. That said, I probably wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't said anything. I think it's one of those things we notice when we wear it but unless you say something no one is the wiser.

  2. Oh I do remember - the thrill of victory, the agony of the feet! : >

    I like your skirt and your shorts both, and I think I like the button down shirt the best.

  3. You look amazing in the denim really flatters your figure...wear it often!! I am not a big tucker...but I might do it for a challenge.

  4. I like the contrast of patterns in the TUCKED cami with the plaid overblouse. Is it possible the shorts are actually too big and that explains the parachute?

    And yes, I had to enroll one daughter in gymnastics when she began to do head vaults off the arm of the sofa. Gymnasts make it look so easy. Not.

  5. Definitely points for standing tall :) I love those wedges in the first pic. The crocs look super comfy!!

  6. I've discovered that with cut-offs, the jeans should have been pretty snug to begin with because cutting the legs off makes them sort of looser, I think.

    Also, yay for tucking! I've been making a few forays back into tucking (which I haven't done since my preppy period in ninth grade...a long time ago) and I notice how tucking a shirt in all the way and adding a belt goes a long way toward slimming the figure and zazzing up an outfit.

    Yay for trying new things!!!

  7. It's great to try new things, isn't it? I love tucking shirts in and I think this looks great on you. Thanks for linking up!


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