Monday, August 29, 2011

Over the Top

Day 12 of the 21-Day Challenge was to jazz up your jeans, so I jazzed up my jean skirt with a sequin vest.

tank — French Dressing (Cost Co)
vest — Style n Design (thrifted)
skirt — Bongo (thrifted)

Is there a better way to dress up denim than with a beautiful sequin vest? (I got this vest on my most recent thrifting excursion, and I was so excited. I had been craving a sequin vest ever since I saw Megan of Megan Mae Daily wear one here.) And would you believe that my tank (the gray tank) is the most expensive thing that I'm wearing?

I was curious about the vest, so I Googled it, and I actually found the exact same one in an Etsy shop here, where it was described as vintage 1980s. I don't know about that date though. How do they come up with these dates?

I've tried to wear sequins before, but I haven't been too enamored of my two previous attempts.

I'm not sure if this is any better though — even though I like how the vest and the skirt looks, I highly doubt that I would wear this to work. My skirt, number one, is way too short for work, but even if it was longer, the vest is a bit over the top. Is there anyway I could switch this around so that I could wear it to work?

I have this bad habit of buying or getting something and then never ever using it. I save it because it's too good to use or I want to use it for the perfect occasion, and then that perfect occasion never happens. I would have squirreled this sequin vest away, and it would have languished in my closet, probably never to be worn. I would have taken it out every so often and oohed and aahed over how beautiful it was, and then wished that I had somewhere or some event to wear it to. But it would always be just too nice to wear — I might damage it if I wore it out. Well, what is the point then in even having it?

I'd love to find some way or somewhere of wearing this vest so I can enjoy it outside the privacy of my own room.

There is something to be said for this habit, however. When I was a kid, our Sunday dinners were always a fancy occasion. We may have just been having meatloaf for dinner, but it was always served on the good china, and we used the good silver. Even though my sister and I griped about it (we were the ones who had to set the table and take care of the dishes), it made our Sunday dinners special. If we had used the good china for everyday, would they have been so special?

the good china

And since this vest is so visible, I'm also linking up to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.


  1. That vest is too cool to lock up, Kari! Wear it just like that to the supermarket, you look great.

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday too.

  2. The vest is cool. I would have it tailored so that it fit your figure tighter and then wear it with a would be unique, stylish, and give a great style for a suit with a tailored, collared shirt underneath! I think you would look amazing at work then!

  3. I agree with Pam about the tailored, collared shirt underneath. Wearing it under a very traditional suit with a traditional shirt would make it like icing on a cake.
    I could also see this with dark jeans (maybe black) with a collared shirt and a black leather jacket. I love sparkles with leather.

  4. Love the vest. You can never go wrong with sequins!

  5. Sequins are hard for me in the daytime too - I agree that tailoring it might be the way to go. I also love the idea to wear it with leather - that would be fabulous.

  6. Oh my gosh-that sequined vest is fabulous!

  7. I agree with many of the comments already posted. But I wouldn't try to alter it. I think sequins would be tricky to sew. I think I'd rock some dark jeans and maybe a white longer blouse untucked or half tucked.
    Don't hide these treasures! I know the people I work with think I'm crazy but I wear what I want and am very happy doing it!

  8. That vest is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! I think if you paired it with black pants and a white button down shirt you could pull it off.

  9. The vest is super duper awesome. Thanks for linking to me! My suggestion for making it outside-the-house appropriate is to wear a pair of grey trousers and a black shirt. And wear the vest open imo. Let the vest be the main statement like you have here. I also like the idea with a white blouse and dark denim. And once you're wearing it, you just gotta own it. You are wearing a sequin vest after all. ;D Have fun with it, it's a great piece!

  10. This sequin vest is such a great thrift find and I like how you kept the look daytime with a denim skirt! I have a similar vest in bronze and gold that I am still waiting to find an excuse to wear!


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