Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Block of Color

Monday, April 4, 2011

I did it! Woot! Woot! Hip, hip, hooray! I am now an official color blocker, and I can say that I have climbed fully on board with one of the fun spring trends! At least I think I did it. You be the judge.

 skirt -- Anthony Richards (thrifted)
sweater -- Delia*s
tights -- xHilaration (Target)
shoes -- Mia (DSW)

I was so proud of this outfit -- from remixing the skirt/dress to the colors to wearing my peep-toe shoes (these are the highest shoes I've ever worn!). And yet, it really elicited some really strange reactions at work. One guy, a friend, after indicating to me that he liked my outfit -- asked me if the people at work give me strange looks with how I dress sometimes. I laughed, and said all the time. I work in a very conservative office -- most of the guys who I work directly with have stopped being surprised when they see me, even though they still tease me on the occasion. It's all good -- I deserve it most of the time, and I can give it back pretty good.

The second guy, however, I was really looking forward to his reaction. I thought I had put together this really cool outfit, and even though it was a bit outside my comfort zone, I thought it was pretty good. He is this very sweet older man, and I always ask him for his opinion because I can trust what he says. Well, he took one look at me wearing this, and he practically started shaking, he was so horrified! Oh my, he didn't want to say anything to me -- I had to force it out of him.


He was literally horrified by how I had put this together. LOL! He didn't like the necklace, the shoes, the color combination ... I don't think there was anything that he really liked about it. Oh my -- it was funny. He usually likes what I wear, and pumps me up and makes me feel better about myself. I did swap out the necklace for a different one after I talked to him, but I don't think he liked it all that better. 

I think these are the tallest shoes that I have ever worn -- the heel is 4 inches! That got a whole nother reaction from all the guys at work, as I either towered above them or was the same size as them!

Here's the other way that I wore the skirt/dress. Ignore the horrible look on my face -- I was having a fight with my photographer about politics. Suffice it to say that we are complete opposite sides of the spectrum. We usually don't talk about it, because we've found out that it's better for our friendship if we don't.

Here are other ways that I have worn the cardigan.

Now, head on over to Pretty Shiny Sparkly and see how Bloggers do Color Blocking better!


  1. I really love your boots! And good job on the color blocking!

  2. Kari, Best. Outfit. Yet! What do men know anyway;) I think you look terrific. I'm in love with those boots, and going out to to look for peep-toe boots to call my very own this weekend.

  3. I love this. Definitely my favorite so far. And I'm very impressed with your peep-toe boots.

    Oh, I've been meaning to ask you - how tall are you anyway?

  4. wow ... I'm definitely surprised. I really thought that I looked kind of dorky in these pictures. Wasn't feeling it at all -- mostly because of the disagreement that my friend and I had and not because of any horrified looks!

    @Meagan -- thanks for stopping by!

    @northeastchic -- They are actually pretty comfortable, and they're really easy to walk in.

    @Gracey -- I'm 5'4" ... not tall, not short, but stumpy little legs :-)

  5. I LOVE the blue and red together - especially with the towering heels. It's definitely saturated, but it's a great look.

    Re leather skirts: Both my leather skirts were thrifted for $4 or less. I highly suggest checking out your local thrift stores, because mine had all kinds and colors of leather skirts and pants. Unfortunately you may not find any until fall comes back around if your thrift stores have a seasonal rotation (which any good thrift store should have).

  6. For what it's worth I think you did an AMAZING job at color-blocking! I LOVE this outfit! Ha, I am totally used to the confused male co-workers thing... I work in a dept of 65 men and 4 women. It gets interesting sometimes, in the sea of polos and khakis!

  7. This post is so funny. I love how you describe the reaction of the second man. I love the bright colors and the HIGH heels.

  8. Hi Kari - you look so cute today! Why do people make fun of you at work. You are very creative and stylish. I like your pose - I am still trying to define mine and keep by rear end from looking too big! LOL! Cheers!

  9. I love all the color and those peep toe boots are awesome! Thanks for the comments. I wear way more color than I used to since I started looking at everyone's blogs and blogging myself. The second guys take on your look...funny!

  10. The booties were a total surprise and really great! I love all the different way you wore the red cardigan. That's really interesting to me! (Besides I love cardigans)!

    Please visit me here and see how a 49 year old does Color Blocking!
    The Chief Blonde!

  11. I love the colors you chose and how you've remixed your orange cardigan! =)

    star-crossed smile


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