Saturday, April 9, 2011

All Thumbs

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thumbs up? or Thumbs down?

I tried to find something interesting to say about thumbs up or thumbs down, because the rest of this post is pretty dull, but no could do. People aren't sure as to how the thumbs-up hand motion began to represent something positive -- some trace it back to the ancient Roman gladiators, while others say it was a medieval custom for sealing business transactions. Thumbs up may or may not have negative connotations in some countries of the world.

Anyway, on to the meat of my post. Ever since I got this outfit, I had been looking forward to wearing it -- I got the dress first, and then when I got the cardigan, I couldn't get over how the colors were such a perfect match. Bingo, an outfit was born.

dress -- Sag Harbor (thrifted)
cardigan -- Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted)
boots -- American Eagle (Payless)

That fateful day finally came when all the planets were aligned, and I said, "By gosh and by golly, I'm going to wear that dress and cardigan outfit!"
Oh my. Where do I start?  

How about with that collection of necklaces around my neck? Or the pile up of bracelets on my right arm? Obviously, I couldn't decide on what to wear, so I grabbed everything that I thought was in the right color family and put it on. AGGGH! Thank heavens, I had the good sense to change things up a bit after I saw the first few pictures!

 I don't even know what it is that I don't like about this outfit, but there's just something about it ... I didn't even realize how much I didn't like it until I saw the pictures, and then I was the one who was horrified.

Oh my, is right!

I even tried switching out the boots. Yeah, I will actually carry a couple of pairs of shoes into work with me, if I can't decide which ones to wear at home, and yeah, I have issues.

These boots weren't any better. So anyway, I don't know if the colors just don't look good on me? I don't know if it's the length? Maybe the color of the pantyhose? Maybe the cardigan is to form fitting for the dress? Maybe it's because the boots hit me at the wrong height -- at the widest part of my calves?

What do you think? Should my thumbs be going in the other direction?

True confession time: I know that this doesn't look as bad as I have made it out to be. But I am serious that I didn't like it AT all. Maybe if I had added a belt? Or jazzed it up with either gold- or mustard-colored tights, I would have liked it better.


  1. I actually love this. The dress has a really great pattern. I prefer the first set of boots. They're sort of edgy with the dress and expose more of your leg.

    I think maybe the color scheme is too autumnal? Maybe next time try pairing the dress up with an emerald-teal or sunny yellow? Or pull the brighter colors out with an accessory?

    I personally love this look, and would recreate it if I had the pieces.

  2. @Megan Mae -- thanks. I definitely think that the colors were too fall. It was a miserable rainy day on Tuesday up here in the northeast when I wore it, so I thought I could get away with it. I do love the pattern on the dress -- that is what drew me to it in the thrift store. Emerald teal is a thought -- the dress actually has some purple in it. Can you tell that I am super, super critical of myself? It comes from living many years with an exhusband who never had a whole lot of good to say about me. And unfortunately, I picked up where he left off.

  3. This is such a fun dress! And the boots - of so sexy and rough!


    It's OUT!
    Come and join The Pajama Project!
    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street

  4. I lovethe graphic print of the dress--Love the boots. I would go for a non-matchy cardigan or top-maybe a neutral--maybe a grey or a white? Its almost there! Paula

  5. Hm, maybe because of the print in the dress, you don't need to much jewelry. I do like the boots in the first photo.

    Question--I try to read your posts promptly, but when I pull them up the date on the post makes it look like I'm getting them several days after the fact. What could be causing that?

  6. I love that outfit, the dress has great colors and fits well, and those boots add a bit of rocker chick edge - I say four thumbs up!


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