Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March in Review

I love having this ability to look back at my outfits over the course of a month. It's easier to be objective about what I like and didn't like, without being all caught up in the emotions of the day.

Once again, I managed to get pictures on 21 days. I wore skirts 9 times, but didn't wear one dress.Black is still overwhelmingly my color of choice -- sweaters, pants, skirts, camis -- you name it, and I'll wear it in black. Surprisingly, green is turning out to be a favorite color of mine. I always thought that green was a lousy color for red heads -- makes us look yellowish, but I really like it on me. 

I think my favorite outfit was 6 (that was the day I got my hair cut, and I just felt great!). I think there was room for improvement with outfits 2, 4, 5, 7, 14, and 16, and 21 was a definite FAIL.

Which one was your favorite? And which was your least favorite?


  1. I think my favorite is number 3. I like the bold color of the sweater and the overall polished look.

  2. I like 14 even if it's on your "needs improvement" list. It's simple but put together. I also like 12 because I like the colored top paired with the white jeans. Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog. I think I am going to repeat the inspiration, too. I have two more tees to try with the skirt. This was a lot of fun and everyone seems to be hopping back and forth checking each other out so it certainly gives you a feeling of community. If you think you might want to get in the next one, I just checked two birds blog and the inspiration picture for next Monday is already up.

  3. I looooove the skirt in 20. It reminded me that I bought one very similar last month that I haven't worn yet! I'm partial to your Geraldine Ferraro look too...

  4. Thanks guys for your votes!

    @Debbie -- a lot of the guys at work liked 12 as well. And I liked that one as well. It's really me. 14 was on the improvement list because my hair was just so bad that day! That was my Medusa post, where I equate my hair to being like Medusa's -- like evil wicked snakes.

    @Taylor -- thanks for stopping by! I'm going to be on the lookout for your skirt! It was a fun skirt to wear!


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