Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week in Review

Friday, April 1, 2011

My week in review ...


I can't get over how pale I look in the purple top! 

Surprisingly enough, I think my favorite outfits, in terms of look, were
  1. the jeans
  2. the itchy burnt-orange top with the black skirt combo,
  3. the Geraldine Ferraro look (red sweater and green skirt combo), and
  4. the purple top and black pants (Elizabeth Taylor look). 
I say surprising because last week I was lamenting wearing jeans, that I didn't know how to style them anymore to keep them from being boring, so it was surprising to me that I considered jeans to be my number one look for the week. And I was disappointed in how the burnt-orange top came out, so I'm surprised that that was my second favorite look. The Geraldine look was good for what it was (to look like Geraldine), but I felt very school marmy in it. And the purple outfit was just kind of corny looking -- a bit over the top. All glitter and no substance ...
    If I ranked them in order of the amount of fun I had in putting the looks together though, I think it would be
    1. Elizabeth Taylor, 
    2. Geraldine Ferraro, 
    3. the jeans, and
    4. the itchy burnt-orange top.
    Which one was your favorite look of the week?


    1. Uh-oh, the fact that the Geraldine Ferraro look was my favorite of the month reveals that I am a marm!

    2. Haha Terri -- nah .. I think it was just that it wasn't me, you know? almost like it changed my behavior a little bit. Like I had to be prim and proper and not as goofy and carefree as I normally am.


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