Friday, January 4, 2013

Three in a Row

Can it be? Is it true? Have I really posted three days in a row?! LOL. And yes, that's the same shirt that I was wearing in my pictures yesterday! But I didn't wear it to work two days in a row, pinky swear. (Note the use of the word "work" in that sentence.)

shirt — Tommy Hilfiger (thrifted)
pants — Hind (Women's Sports Specialty shop)
boots — Hayley (Faded Glory, thrifted)

I'm still super excited for my daughter, so I'm posting another picture with my pseudo Breton shirt. But look closely ... can you tell what's different about this outfit when compared to yesterday's? If you guessed my pants and my shoes footwear, then SCORE! LOL. Seriously speaking now, my pants are really glorified sweat pants, but they're super comfy so I wear them all the time (like even two days in a row! LOL).

I got this pair of rain boots (thrifted) a while ago, and I've been wanting to see what they would like. And now that I see them on, they look kind of silly. But I'm not giving up ... I'm sure I'll find a way to wear them.

I stayed up all night watching my daughter's plane as it crossed the Atlantic Ocean, using FlightAware — just amazing that we can do that. I could even watch her plane circle Charles de Gaulle Airport as it came in for a landing. I knew almost to the second when she was on the ground. And then it was just a matter of minutes before her status showed up on Facebook ... "Hello France, is it really 8:30 AM? — at AĆ©roport de Paris - CDG." Wow ... Technology is just so cool these days. She posting her experiences on Tumblr here, so I (the world) can see and hear about what she's doing.

Wish this picture was in focus ... Oh well, I'm posting it anyway.

And now it's off to bed so I can make my sleeping moments matter ...


  1. I am going to have to check out FlightAware. My son is flying back to CA today. Love your wonderful striped shirt.

    1. Marla: It is really cool! It's at I will have to make that link active in my post. I almost didn't get that striped shirt because it has these bell sleeves that I thought were kind of strange. But it's become one of my favorite tops.

  2. The boots are absolutely not silly - love that look. Hooray for your daughter landing in Paris!!

    1. Patti ... they look positively silly. I'm one of those kinds of people who can't pull off silly very well, mostly because I think I end up feeling sooooo silly. LOL. I do like the other ones though.

  3. I'm so excited for your daughter! What a wonderful experience at such a young age.
    Where were these opportunities when we were young? :(
    This is so my kind of outfit! You look great and those rain boots are not silly.
    Happy weekend!

  4. Oh, I envy your daughter...what a wonderful experience. You really do look great, Kari! Keep the posts coming...same shirt or not!!

  5. I hope your daughter has a grand adventure! I have always wanted to go to France.
    I like your top and the description of the pants makes me love them. (they do look great on you).
    Good luck with the boots! I've had a pair for a few years and I feel ridiculous when I wear them. So unless the sky has opened up and I have no choice they stay in the closet. I did see somewhere they make cute flower pots!


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