Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Purses that Grow ...

"Why, why, why?," I ask. "What? What? What?" you say.

shirt — Lizwear Jeans by Liz Claiborne (thrifted)
pants — Chor (thrifted)
shoes — Sonoma (thrifted)
necklace — Santa shop (handcrafted)
purse — (thrifted)
watch Citizen (gifted)

What on Earth am I talking about? I'm talking about how whenever I think I have this really snazzy outfit put together, it turns out to be a hot mess. A really hot mess ... (like yesterday's outfit, for example). Or, even worse? I end up falling flat on my face (like here). And then when I crawl, half-blind and half-dead, out of bed in the morning and just throw on whatever I can put my hands on ... the outfit works. How is that fair? I guess it works out in the long run. (or maybe even more than works out ... I crawl more than I run these days.)

I seriously took most of my pictures today looking down at my feet because I thought my face would be just way too scary to look at head on first thing in the morning. (I haven't been sleeping very well, and it caught up with me full force this morning!)

And then I looked at these pictures ... and I couldn't believe it! I was like, "WTF?!" I liked them! Even the ones that showed my face! It wasn't all that scary! LOL!
And another thing ... Why did my purse get bigger and bigger in each picture? It looks big enough to crawl inside and take a nap!

My watch is a Christmas present from my son, and it's just perfect for me — silver with gold accents. I love it!
Hopefully it will help make my minutes matter ...


  1. I love these pics and the outfit. No hot mess there! Your face is lovely.

  2. I agree, there's no hot mess to be seen. You look confident and stylish - and you're right, the purse is growing!! I am a little afraid : >

  3. Love the purple. I think this is a great look! You never know what the camera will turn up - in this case, a great outfit!


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