Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Teenage Clothes

Yeah. I wore this to work — all day long, boots and all. How cute am I with the great big boots? LOL.

shirt — Coldwater Creek (can't remember ... older than dirt)
skirt — Her Majesty (thrifted)
boots — Kirkland Signature (Costco)

And I really did wear the boots all day long! It's been cold and rainy and slushy in Delaware, so I needed to wear something that would keep my feet from getting soaked while I slogged through the parking lot. (I get in so late that I end up having to park way out in jabip land ...)

Once I got into the building and up to my desk, I had planned on taking the boots off and wear these shoes. (I even carried them into work ... but then they sat in a bag under my desk all day long. Smack head.)


Anyway, the boots were just so warm and comfy that I couldn't resist keeping them on my feet (it's like wearing slippers!), and let me check ... Yep! They're still on. LOL.

I know  ... I know ... the mules / clogs / slides are not much better than the boots (fashion-forward style wise), but my shoe choices have to be very practical these days. I work in a huge building — in a manufacturing production plant, and my desk is at one end of the building. The people I work with are at opposite ends of the building. (Think of a T-shape ... I am at the base, and I have to constantly see the people at each end of the T during the course of the day.) And when I say my building is huge? I mean that I basically have to pack a survival kit before I set off to see them, so comfortable walking shoes are a must.

Besides the fact that my feet do not do all that well in extended walks in heels, I also have to go into the warehouse and into chemical labs, and 6-inch (okay, 1-inch) heels don't go over real well in those environments. You can't exactly jump out of the way of a forklift at a moment's notice in heels. Well, you could ... but the aftermath wouldn't look too pretty.

I was really happy with the way this came together. (very sorry about the crappy pictures — I really need to ramp up my camera skills because you can't see the colors at all!). The shirt is actually brown with black trim, the boots were brown, my tights were black, and then my skirt was mustard yellow with another kind of a brown. Anyway, the colors really worked well together. The bottom of the skirt is a really cool beaded fringe, which you can see better here.

I got a lot of compliments on this outfit. In fact, one of the older men in my office (I shouldn't say "older" because I'm probably older than he is) came up to me and told me that I looked like a teenager. I gasped, and looked at him horrified, and shrieked "OH NO!" in my old lady voice. He said, "No no no ... That was a compliment." LOL.

I can't think of anything too much worse than being an old lady who is making an obvious attempt of trying to look young. (Well, I can think of something much much worse — having an appraiser come through your house. But that's a story for another day.)


  1. I love that skirt!!! You know, a lot of people are wearing the shearling boots like that and it sounds like you need something comfy and warm. Can't get any better than those! I know, I've owned them. ;)

  2. Love this skirt. And the compliment. And the part about him being an "older man" and probably younger than us : > Ain't life funny that way?


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