Monday, November 14, 2011

End of the Line

This dress was an amazing score! $4.99 for a silk and angora sweater dress! Can you believe that?! On top of the amazing price, it was also a perfect fit. I didn't even bother trying it on — as soon as I saw it, I just scooped it right up! Have I told you before how much I love thrift stores?

dress — The Silk Collection (thrifted)
boots — Dansko (Dansko outlet)

I have been promising to finish up my story (I actually don't think that I'll ever really finish it — every day seems to bring something new!). I'll start tonight by saying that it's 9:00 pm on Monday night, and I just got on the train in Union Station. This is the last train of the night that goes all the way to my station. (If I don't make this train, I spend the WHOLE night in DC. Luckily that's about the only thing that hasn't happened to me yet.) I'm at the end of the line (the last stop), so I don't get off the train until around 11 pm, which means I won't get home until almost midnight. And that is a LONG day.

The ride is only about 90 minutes long in the morning (I say "only" with a wry grin — my idea of what is a short and long ride these days is somewhat skewed). But since it's the last train of the night, we stop at every single podunk station along the way (including mine). On top of that, I'm on the commuter train, which in this neck of the woods is the MARC train. The MTA (Maryland Transportation Authority) leases the rail line from Amtrak, so any time the Amtrak comes through, we have to get off the line and let it pass. That usually means that we have to sit and wait. And when the Amtrak comes through?! Holy crap! It goes by so fast, and it's so close, that you can feel it go by. The first time it happened, I literally jumped in my seat and screamed!

Tonight is one of those days that I am just exhausted. Overtired, in fact, to the point where I feel like crying and every annoyance seems to be magnified tenfold. I hate when I feel like that, because I lose all semblance of having patience. And invariably whenever I am this tired, some yahoo with a phone plops down next to me and has this long personal conversation in which I can hear EVERY SINGLE WORD! I am practically deaf,  (I have a hearing aid for one ear, and I need one for the other, and I say, "What?" almost nonstop when people are talking to me.) If I can hear you, you're speaking REALLY REALLY LOUD!. (And yes, I am using all capitals for a reason.)

Tonight was a case in point. The woman kitty corner from me yapped for over an hour until she got off. It wasn't just me who seemed to be frustrated tonight — I thought the guy sitting in front of her was going to rip her phone away before she finally ended up getting off. In the morning, they actually have quiet cars, where talking on your cell phone, or even having conversations, is not allowed, but when it's this late in the evening, there's not enough people for them to devote an entire car to having one be a quiet car. I think, too, that they think one isn't needed, because most people try to sleep on the way home.

(Not only was I at the end of the line tonight, I was at the end of my rope!) Am I alone in finding people who yap on a cell phone in public places annoying? I need to find some noise-cancelling headphones that aren't too big or bulky, because it's just not worth letting it get to me.

I'm linking to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style and her Visible Monday post. Why do I feel visible? The bright color ... the chunky necklace ... even it just being a sweater dress made me feel so very visible! And visible in a good way.

I'm also linking up to Tammy at Silverstyle for her Trending through the Decade: Accessories post. I used to wear such dainty rings and necklaces. No more. The older I get the bigger my accessories are.


  1. What a long day you have -- I am so impressed with your fortitude, K. You look wonderful in your red sweater dress and chunky necklace -- great shopping, gf! Thanks for (having the energy to) link up with Visible Monday, you look grand!

  2. You have to see the movie Carnage -- there's a lawyer who is giving away everything about his client with his loud cellphone conversation. It's more amusing in the movies than in real life. But still cringe-worthy!

  3. That dress really does fit perfectly! And that's a crazy long day. Are you going to keep working there with such a long commute?

  4. Wow...what a day! I'm exhausted just reading. Hang in there! The red dress and the boots look fab on you. $4.99? Really? Yawza!!!

  5. Beautiful dress! And it does fit you perfectly.
    I say bling it if you have it! My amount depends on my mood and outfit. Other opinions need not apply!
    thanks for stopping by!

  6. I love this dress on you.
    Sorry you have such a frustrating commute.
    I am one of those people who is extremely annoyed by loud noises. I would probably be ready to scream by the time I got off the train.

  7. I love the color of your outfit! It's beautiful on you. I'm with you on the cell phone thing, totally! -Rachel (Distinct.Style.Innovation)

  8. That dress is amazing, and I bet it feel incredible! I would have snatched it up too. Wishing you the best of luck with your commute and I hope this journey turns out to be what you want.

  9. Your story reminds me of why I never go anywhere without earplugs. I have to wear them to survive modern life.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your horrendous commute.

  10. Red is definitely your color - and what a steal for $4.00!!!


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