Friday, September 30, 2011

Under Control

It's  been too rainy and humid to wear anything but my standard  tank and shorts. So instead of dazzling you with that outfit again (look here if you want to be dazzled), I thought that I would use an outfit picture that reflects the type of clothes that should be worn this time of the year. 

sweater — Linda Matthews (thrifted)
pants — London Jean: Kate Fit (Victoria's Secret)
boots — American Eagle (Payless)
belt — Nautica (thrifted)

Even though I wore this in the spring (on April 26, to be exact) and liked it, I actually think the colors are more suited for the fall. I also tried it with my Dansko clogs — which footwear do you think works better? the clogs or the boots? I think I'm partial to the clogs.

I start my new job on Monday (yay!), so the past two weeks have been really hectic and crazy. My commute will be between three and four hours a day (most will be on the train), so once I start working I won't have a whole lot of time to get things done at home or to run errands. I've been trying to get the things done that need to get done and to run the errands that need to get run (getting an oil change, for example).

You'd think that since I've been unemployed for the past three months that everything would be under control. After all, I had tons of time to do anything and everything. But it didn't work that way for me. Not having a job and not being sure of what the next day is going to bring made it really hard to use my time productively and wisely, or in other words, I spent a lot of time worrying and freaking out. I also worked out in the yard, went through things in the house (I knew that I wanted to move — job or no job), and hid in my bedroom. I didn't, however, do anything that entailed spending money, which meant postponing a lot of things that really needed to get done. Yes oil change, I'm talking about you.

Tomorrow, I'm going out to lunch with a couple of guys from my old office, and I'm getting my hair cut — yay! another thing that I put off until I had money.

I'm really looking forward to my new job — just about everything about it, in fact. I know there's going to be some down sides (my eyes aren't that blue!), but still ... The work is going to be exciting in and of itself, and then I'm going to be working in DC! I'll have a set schedule again, be around people, and even get a PAYCHECK! Woo hoo! And maybe I'll even fall into bed at the end of the day, too exhausted to snack my way through the night.

Another good thing is that I'll be getting dressed up again (good bye tank and shorts, hello heels and long sleeves). I'm really curious to see how I end up dressing for this job. I had to dress "professional" in my old office, but all that really meant was no jeans. This outfit, for example, may not be acceptable for an office located in the heart of DC. Since these khakis (I also have a wine-colored pair) were pretty much a "go to" item (see here, here, and here for other ways that I wore them), that's going to mean drastic changes in my outfits.


I don't think that I'll have the time or the inclination to pop out of a box be silly either ... 

Thank you all for all your good wishes!

Linking over to Thrifty Thursday at Spunky Chateau my bracelet, necklace, belt, and sweater were all thrifted goodies.  


  1. Congratulations on the new job!!!!! I've been there on the 'jobless, scared, nothing productive, eating my way into oblivion' place. Tired but working is so much better. I'm so happy for you

  2. Whoa, that will be a lot of hours on the train! Your excitement about the new job is palpable in this post. I like the clogs with this outfit the best.

  3. Kari, Congratulations on the new job and I really hope all goes well. I have friends who drive hours to work is the nature of this new go where the job is. It might get old, but it also might give you a lot of time to read and relax. Much success and I look forward to hearing about it when you can get to posting!

  4. Hooray for your new job in such an exciting place! It will be fun to see how the wardrobe part goes -- you want to fit in but not be a clone (not that *you* could ever be one!) Happy Friday and I'll be thinking about you Monday morning. : >

  5. @CH -- Thank you! It's scary to be unemployed, and it's hard to go from being productive to doing nothing at all. My identity is so tied up anymore in having a job.
    @Terri and Pam -- I used to drive 58 miles one way to work, through Philly, and that was a nightmare (it once took me over three hours to get home). So this is going to be a piece of cake compared to that. And yes -- I can read or write, or just veg out!

  6. @Patti -- hahahaha! You're right! I don't think that I could EVER be a clone :-)

  7. Those pants look absolutely adorable tucked into the boots. So current and cute! Congratulations on your new job and thanks for linking up!

  8. Good luck with the new job!! My best friend works in DC!

    I like the outfit with the clogs. It gives you a longer line.

  9. Good luck! I think you are going to have a lot of fun playing with new kinds of outfits to fit the new dress code. I like the boots, for some reason, even though I usually favor a long line, like Joy said. Go figure! I also like that sweater and necklace combo.

  10. Congratulations on the new job!! This is the blogger from Delaware!! How did you find me??

    Well, my parents live in DC, so I know that is gonna be a helluva commute, but people do it. A colleague of mine works in Delaware and lives in Virginia, so I know it can be done... Blog on the train if you can (do they have wifi?) Blog through your smart phone (do you have one?) Anyway, keep in touch! I live in Newark also, so we may have passed each other and never ever realized it!!! Congrats again...

  11. I love those boots! I was actually thinking of this post when I went thrifting for green pants today. I think I'm just being drawn toward typical fall looks, so the boots win out for me.

  12. Congrats for the new job! ^_^

    I prefer this outfit with the boots, but I have a thing for boots, so I might be biased. :P

    I can totally understand about how being unemployed you couldn't use your time "productively". Actually, it reassures me a bit. It means I'm not the only one. ^^; I've been unemployed for 4 months before I miraculously got a job out of nowhere (literally - I don't even know how they got my résumé, I swear I never applied!). Job that lasted only 2 months (it obviously wasn't for me) and now I'm back to unemployment. *sigh*

    Anyway... Thanks again for leaving a comment on my blog, I've answered it. ^_^

  13. Congrats on the new job! I like the boots..and the box photo.

  14. Yay for the new job. I think that it's completely normal to worry when you don't have a job. Hopefully everything will work out well. I adore the boots, but the clogs still look so comfy. Ok, my final answer is boots.

  15. Congratulations on the new job. I like the boots, but I like the clogs too.
    I cannot imagine a commute that long! Do you have to drive or do you take public transportation? I thought 30 minutes was too much of a commute to work. I was spoiled! And I know what you mean about not getting things done when you were off. I thought once I retired I would have everything all nice and neat. HA! I have been having too much fun to do things like housework.


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