Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blurred Images

First things first. Today is EBEW (Every Body every wear) Colored Pants Day. So without further ado, here's my entry.

shirt — Old Navy (Old Navy)
pants — Fabulosity (JC Penney)
shoes — Clarks Artisan (hand-me-down)
necklace  bracelets — (thrifted)

I'm so frustrated with my camera right now. I keep thinking that I have it figured out, and then I look at my pictures, just to realize that they are all messed up again. I even tried taking them over again, but they still came out blurry. G-R-R-R-R..

I know these aren't technically pants, but they are colored so I thought they would count. (I was cutting the grass and running around, and it was just too hot in Delaware to wear pants, even for a picture.) They aren't nearly as awesome as the ones that Terri wore here — I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled for a pair of Wet Seals — but I still thought this was a pretty good look for me (much, much better than when I wore them here). And it was comfortable!

I tend to wear shorter necklaces, but I liked how this longer one worked. I'm not sure why, but I actually think it's what made the outfit work so well. The bracelets were kind of eh ... I have a simple black bangle — I think I would have liked that better.

 Everybody's wearing colored pants today — go see for yourself.

Colored Pants | Everybody, Everywear

I used all your suggestions and tried on a bunch more tops with my suit today. I'm going to spare you the pictures though. Basically, I'm just miserable in most of my tailored (a.k.a. professional) clothes because they're too tight, and there's nothing that I can do about it at this point. I'm so mad at myself for not doing something about it before now — I knew that I had been gaining weight, and I just ignored it. (I did sit-ups all day long today, but that's not going to help me for Thursday ....)


  1. Thanks for the kind comments. My jeans would be perfect for mowing the lawn and I'm glad to see you participate.

  2. Best of luck....I'll be crossing my fingers for you on Thursday.

  3. I like your green pants, Kari - and they hit you at the perfect length. Also love those bangles, so if you don't love them, let's do a swap : > (esp if that means we get to meet again). Don't worry about a few extra lbs, you look fantastic and you are going to wow them at your interview.

  4. I hope all goes well tomorrow...this is one of my favorite outfits from the challenge, because I would wear it. I just do not see me in red pants or jeans...but this...I really like. Great job!

  5. Kari, I agree 100%, I hate anything that is tight, itchy, etc. so I feel your pain. I have NO idea who invented pantyhose, but he/she needs to be shot on sight. Just tell yourself that its only for a few hours and it's for a good cause - rent money and such :)

    Knock um dead!

  6. I think you're probably being too hard on yourself. You look great in the pictures and you'll be great in the interview.

  7. You look just fine, Kari and I agree with Gracey, I think you're being too hard on yourself. Good luck.

  8. I love the green crops. Don't be too hard on yourself. I think you'll be fab and you'll ace it.

    I know it's really hard when you put on things that used to fit and they don't anymore. I'm nearly scared to look into my winter clothing. I'm not sure what fits and what doesn't. But hey - it's just clothes. You can always change them.

  9. Kari,
    I'm sorry about your recent "water" troubles. We have had floods in our area but we are lucky to be up on a ridge.
    I wish you the greatest of luck tomorrow. I think your spunk will win them over.......I tell myself all of the time suck it in, suck it up and smile baby smile!


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