Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stuffed Sausage

I have some good and exciting news! Can you guess what it is from my pictures?

shirt — Chico's Design
suit — Rafaella (Boscov's)
shoes — Fioni (don't remember)

So, can you guess what my news is? The only reason that I would wear an outfit like this is ... drum roll, please ... because I have a job interview. I had a phone interview on Friday, and today I found out that they want me to come down for a face-to-face interview. It's on Thursday, and I'm so excited that I'm not quite sure how I'm going to make it until then.

So now I'm trying to figure out what to wear. And the above is the stuffed sausage option. Ignore the shoes because they have definitely got to go. And the bare legs are also a no go. But unfortunately the shirt's no good as well.

And I was hopeful of this shirt. It's a silk shirt, with a black-and-white check pattern, and the arms are three-quarter length, which is usually good for me. (I have this thing about always needing to roll up my sleeves, so three-quarter sleeves negates that necessity.) Unfortunately, I just feel way too constricted wearing this shirt along with my suit jacket, so I need to find something else. 

I don't typically do very well in structured clothes like suits and collared shirts — they're too stiff and unforgiving. I much prefer clothes that flow and move with me, but this ill-fitting suit is entirely my own fault. I have gained so much weight since being laid off that my suit just doesn't fit me all that well anymore. In fact, I feel like a stuffed sausage. Even my feet feel like they're stuffed in my shoes. Which is no way to walk into an interview.

I'm not quite sure why I've gained so much weight. I haven't been exercising per se, but I have been working in my house and out in the yard. And I really haven't been eating all that much. You know what? I'm just going to blame it on menopause.

So what do I wear so that I feel comfortable but look professional? Here is my second option.

shirt — Carlisle (thrifted) 

This shirt is actually sleeveless, and because I don't have to tuck it in, I think I can get away with my skirt being a bit too tight. Granted, I won't be able to take my suit jacket off (and expose my arms), but I should be able to keep my suit jacket on the entire time. (My interview is only supposed to be an hour long, and I'm counting on the building being air conditioned.)

What do you think? This shirt is a whole lot more colorful than the black-and-white check or even a white shirt, which is what I have always worn with this suit. But what do I wear on my legs and on my feet? I'm going to have to walk a bit, so that rules out most heels (I feel wobbly in heels). I like black tights, but would that be too wintry? Decisions. Decisions.

And in the meantime — I'm going to the gym! Better late than never, right?
I still have time to lose a pound or two, right? 

Edited to add: I'm linking this post to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style, because, really, when you dress for an interview you definitely want to be visible. 


Thank you everybody for all the kindness regarding my recent basement fiasco and just all your wonderful and thoughtful comments. I'm hoping that with this interview that maybe my luck will start to change. That sentiment in itself is kind of scary — I'm afraid to hope too much. What if it all comes to naught? And along with those insecurities is the struggle to just stay on track. I have the best of intentions, but I just can't seem to get my rhythm back. Every day seems to throw a different curve ball that needs some readjustment to get over the plate in the strike zone. (Is that a mixed metaphor? or is it just hackneyed and clichéd?) I'm quite envious of those of you who are able to do it all, and seemingly without a misstep. I'm grateful to you all — the feedback and warmth that you have expressed is encouraging, and I appreciate it ever so much.


  1. I love you Kari! You manage to express so well, fears and feelings I've either had or am having. Congratulations on the interview! Prayers been sent your way. I like the second, untucked but a little more comfy look better. I'd wear sheer stockings and shoes I walk well in....but then I don't know much about fashion...I'm more about comfort than class.

  2. Looking at the pictures of your work outfits in the post immediately preceding, and some from this spring, I noticed that very few of them featured a collared shirt, even when you wore a jacket, and you looked great in all of them. What about this suit with a patterned or colored bateau or scoopneck shirt? You could leave the shirt untucked (and use a skinny belt over it if you want), then toss the suit jacket over that, or you could tuck it in. Just as professional and confident-looking as the standard collared shirt, and distinctive to boot. And I think Coastalharp has a good idea with the sheerer black stockings.

    You're sharp, smart, and funny and have a lot of experience. Think of yourself as the editorial Mariano Rivera--who, by the way, is going to become the career saves leader, quite possibly sometime this week. (Looming metaphor!)

  3. Congratulations...I hope all goes well. I personally like the blue striped shirt in the middle...it portrays confidence to me..but what is more important is that YOU feel confident in what you wear and do not worry about it. Pick something that when you look in the mirror you say YES! HERE I COME!

  4. Yay, Kari! I will be sending you the best energy for a great interview!! I like the blue blouse best, it gives you more energy. I like Sue's idea of a skinny belt over it. Definitely some hose, the most comfortable you can find : >

    Good luck -- please keep us up to date! xoxoxoxo

  5. Congrats on getting the interview. Your overall look here (jacket; skirt) is very professional and appropriate.

    I prefer the blue striped shirt but that's just a style-choice; both shirts are fine.

    Thank you for your recent comments. I'm sure you'll find Mr. Wonderful soon to fill in the gaps in your life. You're so nice, you attract good people.

  6. My client-meeting clothes: Semi-opaque or sheer hose. Low-to-medium heeled shoes that fit comfortably (I gave up high heels when I turned 40). A neat pull-over top with a flattering neckline, so I don't have to worry about button gap. Most important--my 'lucky' jewelry, a neat-not-flashy pendant made from a black+gold computer chip with small matching earrings.

    Good luck!

  7. Thank you for kind words, I appreciate it!

  8. Woo! Congrats on the interview. I say go with whichever shoes you can walk best in. It's better to wear a flat or short heel than have to hobble. Unless it's hot, stick with nude sheer tights. I like the first blouse because it is tucked in. That always reads more professional.

    I think you'd be safe with a silk (or silk-like) shell under the jacket. I don't think collared shirts on women are the end-all, especially if you're keeping your jacket on. I'd just make sure you look as sharp and confident as possible. You'll do great.

  9. Oh, K, we all have missteps. Well, I can't speak for everyone else, but I certainly have missteps. And lots of them. You just do what you can do.

    I actually have an interview tomorrow, so I'm going to touch on this topic as well, but mine is going to be far less formal so I'm not sure it'll help. Whatever you wear, make sure it's comfortable. Interviews are nerve-wrecking (wracking?) enough without worrying about the kids popping out or if something is too tight.

    Also, no bare legs at an interview? Is that a thing?

  10. Hi Kari - Go with the blue striped top in the middle. It is like a "power tie" but in a shirt form! And makes you look younger and more hip while still looking professional. I think nude nylons are appropriate and all the rage. I think they actually make one look younger these days! (Thanks to Duchess Katherine.) If you have on the collar, you don't need any jewelry... IMO. And maybe just an extremely simple earring. If you go with the suggestion of a shell with a belt, I think you might need a simple chain to break up the neck line. Anyway - that is my 10 cents. Good luck on your interview and I agree with Gracey - be yourself by being comfortable! Big hugs!

  11. Ok, first. My family is a HUGE Firefly family. We LOVE it. And Leah that guests on our blog sometimes does too!

    Good luck on the interview!!

    And of the 2 looks, I like the 2nd. BUT I also went back and looked at other outfits. I don't know what kind of job this is or what the setting but here's my picks.

    The dress with the red stripes at the top. Throw the jacket on top of it and put on black heels and you're good.

    OR what you called your sailor sam outfit. OR if that shirt is black stripes, pair it with the black skirt and jacket. But my favorite outfit is the color blocking. Yes, it's bright, but I don't think you have to go dark or neutral for a job interview. And you looked fab in it!

    Or what about the polka/squares outfit? Or just that shirt with the skirt?

    How about that Covington tank top underneath the black jacket? I like the yellow Lilly dress, too. You could always throw the jacket on top of it, if you need to.

    There's nothing wrong with the 2 outfits you've chosen, I just wanted you to see that you have more options than you think. Go back thru your old posts and see for yourself! And don't box yourself in that you have to wear a suit to an interview!! I don't even think hose are mandatory anymore!

    I hope all goes well!! I'll cross my fingers and toes for you!!

  12. I say just wear nude hose (definitely not black this time of year!) and if you don't like button-up shirts, wear a pretty tank top or camisole under the jacket.

    I'm so glad I live in Colorado. Here "business casual" appears to include almost anything. I've seen people at work in flip flops and shorts and I work at a federal government facility!

    Good luck on the interview!

  13. Congrats on the interview! Are you nervous? I'm wondering if the weight you think you've added is actually muscle. I think the sleeveless blouse could work, but I wonder if you have a small guage knit sweater. That could work too and might be a bit more forgiving than a blouse. In any event, best wishes on the interview.


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