Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fights with Myself

One reason my few days off stretched to over a month was because I didn't know how to pick it up again. Do I start where I left off? Do I start where I am now? And the longer it took to answer this question, the harder it got to make a decision.

First things first -- an outfit post. I wore this way way back on Wednesday, June 1, 2011.

 shirt -- (thrifted)
pants -- London Jean (Victoria's Secret)
belt -- Nine West (thrifted)
necklaces -- (one gifted, one thrifted)

shoes -- Dansko Professional (outlet)

This is pretty much a standard go-to outfit for me. A pair of comfy pants, a short-sleeved shirt, and my Danskos -- what's not to like? I may not be the most fashionable person around, but hey -- I'm dressed appropriately and, most importantly, comfortably for work, and no time was spent on contemplation of said outfit. 

 "artsy-fartsy" picture fun

I was pretty good about taking pictures while I was on sabbatical, which brings me to my first dilemma and the first hurdle to get over (see above). What do I do with all the pictures I took?! I've been having this argument with myself -- one side of my head says to post them all. Who cares when they were taken?

The other side of my head thinks it's not that easy. Some of the outfits reflected my mood; some I wore to a specific event (graduation); and some reflected the weather. If I try to post now on old pictures, I won't sound natural -- it won't sound like me.

And then what about the outfits I'm wearing now? I don't want to post them a month or two from now. And I'm just going to get further and further behind if I keep posting old stuff -- I'll be spending all my time trying to catch up. But yet, I really like some of my older pics; I also really hated some; and some I just need advice on what in heaven's name went wrong?

Really, now -- what were you thinking?
Did you even stop to look in the mirror before 
you walked out the door?

In case you think these musings are all fashion centric, they're not. These are the types of things that I agonize over and over about, ad infinitum, on a daily basis. Only the topic changes. I can think of a thousand reasons to do something a hundred different ways. And while I'm having these arguments with myself -- nothing gets accomplished. I don't move forward -- I just get farther and farther behind, and I get more and more discouraged, and I end up feeling like a failure.

And in the end, what does it really matter? I mean, one of the reasons I'm blogging is to get myself back in the habit of writing, and to reflect on what is happening in my life. And as much as I hated that Nike slogan in years gone by, I think that I need to take a page from their book and JUST DO IT for crying out loud!

By the way, I really like the belt that I wore in these pictures.

The belt was way too big for me (and why exactly do I feel the need to say that?! It's not like you can tell from the pictures. I guess I felt a little uncomfortable wearing it though, because it did seem noticeably big.). Anyway, I wasn't sure if the colors matched, but I think they did. It was an easy way to bring something interesting to my outfit.

When you fall off the horse, 
do you redo what you missed?
Or do you just say forget about it, 
and say, "What's done is done," 
and then continue on your merry way? 


  1. In life as a whole I'm trying to be more of the "What's done is done" faction, because it's kinder to oneself. But here I'd vote for having you occasionally post past outfits, because even if they're not 100 percent seasonally appropriate, they provide mind food for the rest of us. I think of it as an editing task: the first thing that jumped to my mind was boxes or sidebars--bracketed, but with some thread to the main text, whether of similarity ("Hey, I wore the same color three weeks ago, when it was 20 degrees cooler") or disjunction ("And in contrast to this casual post, an outfit I wore to child #X's graduation").

    (And I love the belt! Reptile and stripes . . . totally pattern mixing.)

  2. So happy to see this post from you. I've missed your particular brand of humor in the blogging world. And I question myself all the time - I like to think it's normal.

    Whether you post your old pics or not, I'm happy you're back.

  3. Yaaay! Glad to see you back. Love that shade of orange, and I'm lusting over that belt a bit too much. Love snakeskin.

    It depends on the length of time. I generally will do a big roundup post if I've missed more than a day or just plain drop it all and pick up where I am. I prefer to get feedback the day of or after I wear something, otherwise I tend to feel less 'connected' to the outfit.

    I'm not too particular on seasonally appropriate because I realize that just because I'm wearing a sundress doesn't mean everyone else can or is. Plus I'm so tired of the heat I'm already looking at sweaters with want.

  4. When I fell off the horse in May, I kept snapping the pics too. I made them all into a slide show my readers could watch in two minutes and abandoned all explanation. This month of June I have more pics than I have days...and it has felt a bit strange. Took me a couple of weeks to get my groove back and I'm only blogging three days a week. I say DO what serves your purposes.

    I really like the belt...can you make it fit better by cutting it down. I know I've adapted a belt or two that way.

  5. I like the "artsy fartsy" picture! I'm glad to see you back.

  6. It is so nice to see back here!!! I love your thoughtful posts... what an action packed-schedule you have had.... I admire that you are blogging again! I find blogging relaxing - and it fills a creative place in my heart and mind. You must be so proud of your family. When I stop doing something I really LOVE, I just start again right where I am - it is useless to love in the past. I sort of live my life that way, as well. I will look at the past to find out how and why I got here - but I don't rehash it - it will make me crazy! And I will not even say I will never "stop" the action or take a break in the future - I will just be the best I can be at that moment. Give yourself a break - girl! You rock out loud!!!! Keep up the good work - and keep the blogs coming if you have time and desire. Cheers! xoxo (PS - LOVE THE BELT and the entire outfit - good job!)

  7. Why not post the old pics. You don't have to caption all of them. Just the ones that really call to you. Then we'll be all caught up and can focus on the 'now'. I love your blog. Whatever you decide will be interesting I'm sure. You have such a sincere honesty about yourself that is refreshing!

  8. This is what I would do: Post new pictures as you go BUT on the days where you don't get to take pics, or you just don't like them, post old stuff. I have a few outfits in "the archives" that I haven't posted!

    Love your belt. And your orange/taupe pairing!

  9. Welcome back my long lost bloggy-buddy. Its great to have your witty brand of humor and insight back into my daily blog roll.

    Overthinking, ah, I know thee all to well. Its funny how we can often be our own worst enemies.

    You look smashing regardless of the date on the photo.

    Welcome back girlfriend!

    xoxox Doreen

  10. Welcome back! Ahhh, the questions of blogging...on pics? A mix of new and old sounds good to me! You'll find your balance...good luck. Paula

  11. Glad you are back! Really like your blog but hate that I have trouble leaving comments. Usually I give up, but I thought you needed the support. My two cents echo some of the other comments: post your new pics and mix in your favorite "oldies." María


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