Saturday, July 23, 2011


I wrote a post last night about how I felt about yesterday's events in Norway. I then took it down, because my words didn't capture what I wanted to express.

Barbro Andersen at the Personal Style Diary did. Her post is here. I urge you to visit her site and read her post.


  1. A minister leading the service at the Lutheran cathedral in Oslo said, "Hate cannot triumph over love." It is up to each and every one of us to proclaim that as loudly as we can.

  2. I had already visited Barbro's site, but was able to read your previous post in my reader. I am sure that this event touches in a deep, deep way.

    Many years ago I had a boyfriend from Norway. He is now a successful hand surgeon in Oslo and I found myself hoping that he was well and imagined him doing surgery on those who were injured. I pray that all of your people were physically unscathed, but I am certain that the emotional impact of this will linger for years to come.


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