Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fill in the Blank

shirt -- Covington (thrifted)
pants -- Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted)
sandals -- Camille No Boundaries (thrifted)

It's too hot to _____________! Fill in the blank. For me, it's too hot to wear long pants or really to do anything that entails movement. Seriously, don't I look positively wretched in the picture below? I don't have air conditioning at home,* so I am just positively sweltering (and I ask you this -- why am I not losing weight? It's not like I have much of an appetite in this heat! That is just adding insult to injury.). I know that I could probably go somewhere -- to the mall, to the library --anywhere would be cooler than my house at this point. But I don't have money to spend (at the mall or at a coffee shop), and besides I really need to keep chipping away at all the clutter in this house, so that I can hopefully put it on the market come fall. Besides, a brief respite from the heat is not going to cut it right now -- they are saying that no relief is in sight.

*I do have a/c in my bedroom. I am able to work up until about 3 pm in the house, and then I just have to escape to my room. I can't do anything more in the house at that point. It is just too hot, and the temperature keeps climbing all day inside.

Anyway, you must be wondering why on earth am I wearing long pants?Well, this outfit was donned for Day 4 of Megan Mae and Keely's Summer Trends Fashion Challenge (last week -- yeah, I know I'm really late. I move really really slow in the heat). Day 4 was Eclectic Print Day, and this shirt fit the bill perfectly.

The pants were just way too perfect of a match to not go for it. You would have done the same thing, wouldn't you?

I had actually been regretting the impulse to buy this shirt. I thought that the print was just a bit TOO eclectic for me to be able to wear it. But I like this, and I'd definitely wear it again! Once again, thanks Keely and Megan for thinking up challenges that really made me stretch. Head on over to the Fashion Challenge to see how you can have fun with wearing eclectic prints.


  1. Great printed top! My favorite colors in a great geometric print! So perfectly matchy, in a good way! I think I would melt without indoor A/C. Stay hydrated.

  2. You have my permission to move as slowly as you want in this heat. It's been years since I've had to go without AC (though I'm dreading our bill at the end of this month). I used to sit around in my wet swimsuit with a washcloth on my long as you don't bump in to anyone, it works.

    Those britches fit you perfectly.

  3. That shirt is lovely and it looks great on you. I have to agree with Terri, nice butt! Well thats not what she said, but ...... well I'm gonna shut up now.

    Eat more ice cream, thats my plan for this heat!

  4. Ahh, it's hard to do without AC in July. When we've had to, I mostly lie perfectly still - so I give you lots of props for all you're accomplishing. I like your eclectic blouse.

  5. Those pants are killer on you and they look like they're pretty lightweight. Although I guess with the heat you all are having, even pretty lightweight probably isn't cutting it.

  6. I love the print of this shirt and, yes, the pants match perfectly. A very nice outfit.

    If you're serious about wanting one of my postcards, you're welcome to it. Just give me an address where to send it. My e-mail is


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