Thursday, July 14, 2011

Double Dose

top -- H & M (borrowed)
shorts -- Mossimo Supply Co. (thrifted)
shoes -- Crocs (Dick's Sporting Goods, and yes, I bought them brand spanking new)

First off, let me apologize right away for giving you a double dose of me. I am so far behind that I sort of have to double post to get caught up. Day 2 in Megan and Keely's Summer Trends Fashion Challenge was to pair a military style item with a more feminine piece. I originally was looking for something kind of lacy and ruffly, but after hunting through my closet and rifling through my daughter's closet, I opted for this top from my daughter's closet. I think she should let me keep it, don't you?

I was late in hopping on to the military style train, but I have to say these shorts (from the men's wear department) have fast become a favorite pair of mine. They are so comfortable (and can you ever fit the crapola in the pockets -- you don't even need to carry a purse)! And even though they're camouflage patterned, which I abhorred when I was younger, I like them. A. LOT. I'm not sure that I would have liked them as much in a solid color. I could even see wearing a pair of these as long pants (the same style). 


Once again, I am indebted to Megan and Keely for coming up with this idea for the summer fashion challenge. I've worn these shorts a lot this summer, but I always paired them with a plain black tank top. This was a lot more fun and a lot more interesting.

Day 3 of the challenge, which I will post tomorrow (but wore yesterday), is Sparkles for Day, and I'll warn you -- that one was a doozy. Just you wait.


  1. I love the top, but I hate the trend to camo for anyone who it not actually hunting or in a war zone.

    I saw a book recently that was all about how to "deploy" camo fabrics in quilts and purses and OMG, Christmas stockings? WTF? I'm sure someone somewhere will think it's brilliant, but the whole glorification of war thing turns my stomach.

    Shorts with pockets are a good thing, though!

  2. Camouflage is one thing I have none of--it looks great with daughter's shirt!

  3. I like the shirt paired with the camo. I used to have a pair of camo pants, but can't find them!

  4. Oh you do have the same top as me! So cool! I love that you mixed it with tough camo pants.


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