Thursday, July 21, 2011

100% Thrift

dress -- Maggy London (thrifted)
boots -- Laredo (thrifted)
bracelets -- (thrifted)

It's no secret that I wear a lot of thrifted clothes. I have been shopping in Goodwills (Goodies), Salvation Army's (Sals), flea markets, garage or yard sales (is it a garage sale or a yard sale?), and so on pretty much all my life. But probably what you don't know is that I didn't always like it. In fact, I really hated it when I was growing up. I was terrified that I was going to go to school one day, and somebody would say, "You're wearing my clothes."

My mom, who got lost driving anywhere outside a 25-mile radius around our house, would see a sign for a garage sale, and off she would go. Homing pigeons had nothing on her. It didn't matter what errand she had to run, it would wait until we followed those god-forsaken signs* -- to the end of the earth if that's where they took us. And of course, there was never any good stuff at those sales (at least not from what I could see)! Oh no! Never. But the worst was when there was a sale right around the corner from my house. Because then, horrors of all horrors -- somebody I knew might see me. I would slouch down in the car and make myself as invisible as possible. No way was I going to get out of the car.

*You know the signs I'm talking about -- the ones that are sideways on a telephone pole, the ones that you can't tell which direction the arrow is pointing, the ones that look like they have been up for months, the ones that you can't even read ...

Of course, now that I'm older and wiser I realize that it wasn't all junk. In fact, most of it was actually pretty good stuff. Unique. One of a kind. Interesting. But also weird. Or strange. Or something that would make you go, "MOM. Why? WTF?"

Okay, I didn't actually say WTF? but you know what I mean.

Although my outfit was 100% thrifted -- my bracelets, my dress, and my boots -- my boots were the real score. (They're not really my boots, they're my daughter's, but I was with her when she got them.) They were in like-new condition -- no scuffs or flaws, and they weren't stretched out -- for $12.50! Honestly, they didn't even look like they had ever been worn outside.

I thought the dress was a real find as well (I think it was $7.97), except that it's dry clean only -- I love the beadwork on the yoke. (Pet peeve: Why is something that is 100% cotton dry clean only?) I put it in the washing machine, hand-wash cycle, and crossed my fingers.

I wasn't all that enamored of the final look though. In fact, I was kind of disappointed. I thought this would be the perfect dress to wear with the boots, but I dunno -- something just seems to be off. Maybe the dress is too short? I seem to be able to wear other skirts that are that length though, so I'm not sure if that's the problem. Maybe with a pair of cropped leggings underneath it, and then a pair of flats?

What do you think?

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  1. You look good! I love the boots.

  2. ooooh. I like the bead work on the dress and the wooden bracelet. I suspect I would have been mortified if my mother had done. I didn't start thrifting until my early 30s.

  3. interesting black outfit, it's unique!

    visit me!

  4. Thank you so much for the comment! I really love that your whole outfit is thrifted - I'm not that dilligent about finding thrifted clothes... Beautiful bracelets and I think you'd look great with tights and flats in this dress!

  5. I love your writing - you crack me up and I can "feel" what you are describing! You style is super unique and I LOVE that about you! Cheers!

  6. I think the dress is the perfect length for the boots. I think any longer could potentially be stumpifying (it's a word).

    And I love how the bracelets tie in with the beading. This is fabulous.

    Also, we also always thrifted when we were younger and I was usually fine with it except when one boy made a pointed remark at school that he saw my family leaving a Salvation Army *with* bags of clothes which meant we shopped there, didn't just donate there. He was a dick.

  7. Buying secondhand can definitely be traumatic and sometimes embarassing for kids. I love it though and always have. So glad you joined in the thrifting link up on my blog!

  8. Ah I am the same way - love those thrift stores and garage sales! Addicted is a better word. Thanks for stopping by my everybody, everwear yellow post! -Rachel (

  9. Lol @ the childhood garage sale stories. It's funny how we change our minds now that we're older and wiser ;)

    I kind of see what you mean about the dress length vs boots not being in proportion. I think taller boots would work better with this type of dress, so only a little bit of your knee shows. Or perhaps try the boots with a pair of leggings/skinny jeans with a shorter top (tunic length)? Of course these are what I'm envisioning in my head, and they may not look good in real life :)

    PS - re your comment: Of course you can use the constructive criticisms are welcome comment :) Though I have to say, most people only have positive things to say... perhaps I need to start incorporating that in the post itself, haha.

  10. My family did not thrift. I think my Mom had germ issues. I actually dump my haul right in the washer when I get home without passing go, so I guess I got some of that phobia.

    As for the ourfit. Its great. I love the style of the dress and have never met a pair of cowboy boots that I did not love. Its that year I lived in Texas I suspect.

    Yee haw

  11. Thank you for all of your sweet comments. I am a thrifter from hell and enjoy every minute of it!
    Your dress is beautiful, I love the details


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