Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What to do with ... bottle caps

I've always saved bottle caps -- the metal ones that come on glass bottles. Who knows why I hung onto them -- I guess I thought they could be used for something. Lately, I've been coming across different things to use them for. Here's a few of my favorites.

Broke Ass Stuart has a number of ideas here. I love the idea of this mirror, which is what I'm saving mine for.

I found another picture of a bottle cap mirror here. Here's a light pull, featured on Natural Home.

 The light pull is similar to the wind chimes described here.

John T Unger makes mosaics, which are way cool. Unfortunately, I'm just not that talented.

I did find a tutorial on Instructables that showed how to make one of these kind of mosaics if you are so inclined.

Molly B Right makes bottle cap portraits. These are gorgeous!

This mosaic looks more like it's my speed, posted on Craftster here.

Or how about a set of castanets? Instructions are given here.

Knitting Iris has a really nice one here. I wonder if kids would get cut with it? I guess not if the caps were hammered flat first.

Finishing dot com shows pictures of table tops out of bottle caps!

They provide suggestions on how to make it. Instructables also has a step-by-step tutorial for making  a table top here. Beer Masters also has instructions here, which sound pretty simple. outlines his mosaic making strategy here, with instructions on how to work from the image (which does not do his work justice at all!).

For something cute, go to to find out how to make these ladybugs.

And not to be outdone, Martha Stewart shows how to make bottle-cap magnets and thumbtacks here.

Lots of people make snakes. Here's a cute one on Craftster here

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  1. Those possibilities are fascinating!

    But I'm not domestic and have no bottle caps.


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