Friday, November 5, 2010

What I wore ... the week of November 1

I've been trying to weed through my clutter lately, and my clothes clutter is one of the mountains that I need to tackle. I have this bad habit of hanging onto things, and my clothes are no different. I will keep an item of clothing, even after it has well outlived its usefulness if it has a memory attached to it. I still have a pair of shorts that I wore in high school, and that was a LONG time ago. I don't buy a whole lot of new clothes, but since I don't get rid of that many, they tend to accumulate until now I am a bit overwhelmed by them.

I've heard a lot of tips for getting rid of clothes -- cutting them up and making them into quilts (yep, check, although I have to say that it's really hard to make that initial cut -- have to do something to get rid of the shaking and hyperventilating first). Another idea is to get rid of everything that you haven't worn in a year (I say NOOOOOO to that!). A twist on this is to pull everything out of your closet, and as you wear something, hang it back up. Then get rid of anything that you haven't worn in a year. I like that idea! I think that it would inspire me to try and wear something so I wouldn't have to get rid of it. 

Finally, I thought that if I started taking pictures of me wearing my clothes, it would help me decide what looked good on me and what I liked wearing. I also thought that taking pictures would also help me gain some confidence in having my picture taken -- there's a lot to be said for knowing how to pose for a picture. So here goes ...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

sweater, thrifted
pants, London Jean -- the Kate Fit (Victoria Secrets)
boots, thrifted

I got a lot of compliments on this sweater, which makes me think that I should keep it. It's hand knit, and very warm. However, I think it's more practical to wear when I'm working outside instead of to work. It's a bit bulky to wear in the office. I was sweating! I tucked my pants into my boots, which I don;

Wednesday, November 3

sweater, L.L. Bean
pants, London Jean -- the Kate Fit (Victoria Secrets)
black clogs, Davona by Thom McAn (Kmart)

This sweater is an old faithful, and super comfortable. I could also probably dress it up with a black skirt. Wow, two days, and I'm already getting some new ideas.

Thursday, November 4

sweater, LLBean
dress, Express
necklace, thrifted
black clogs, Davona by Thom McAn (Kmart)

Wow, don't I look professional? I think the picture makes me look kind of matronly -- not sure why I think that, because everybody told me that I looked nice. But just give me a pair of glasses with chains, and I could be your school marm -- it's just not the image that I had of myself when I wore that dress. This complete outfit is another old faithful -- I've had it for years and years ...Maybe it's time to retire it?

Friday, November 5

sweater, Aeropostale
jeans, Morgan by Delias
black clogs, Davona by Thom McAn (Kmart)
bracelets, thrifted
earrings, Village Imports

I had a hard time feeling "on" before I left for work, so I was really worried about how my picture was going to come out. But wow -- I ended up liking it a lot. I straightened my hair with a flat iron (first time ever!), and I was really happy about the way it came out. And it was actually kind of fun to play with it. It made a huge difference in how I felt!

So those are my outfits for the week. Which one is your favorite? 

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