Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Day Without Water

A day without water is like a day without ... Hmmm ... Anyway, pardon me for looking a bit scattered in this picture ...

shirt — J. A. C. (thrifted)
pants — Impressions Lifestyle (can't remember; older than dirt)
shoes — Dansko (thrifted)

I was in the shower this morning (having a really lovely shower, I might add), when all of a sudden, the water slowed to a trickle and then nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch ... eek! Kari was not a happy girl. In fact, you could even say that she was quite unhappy. EXTREMELY unhappy! LOL ...


Ordinarily, I would have been more than unhappy. I would have been freaking out ... thinking, "What the hell happened now?" This time, however, I had a pretty good idea that it didn't have anything to do with my money pit of a house. The city has been doing something with the water lines on my street, and I was pretty sure that it was related to that. I'm not quite sure what they're doing — but they not only shut off my water this morning, but they also blocked my driveway and my street. Somebody just didn't want me to go to work this morning.

My street doesn't look in very good shape either ...

Luckily, I was just luxuriating under the shower at that point (I love when I can linger in a shower), and I was able to throw on some old faithful clothes. I've had these pants for longer than I can remember and the shirt has three-quarter sleeves — so I was good to go, even if I was a bit worse for wear by the end of the day.

I came home to a sign on my front door saying that the water was still off, and they were working on it. You never know how much you need water until you don't have it (I mean, that would be the day that the cat gaks all over the kitchen floor!)...

And speaking about water ... How is your region doing, rainfall wise, this summer? I have friends living in the Midwestern United States, and they are saying that this drought is the big one ... that there is a good possibility that we may run out of corn, which would be devastating.

Rows of corn stalks stand under a cloudless sky south of Blair, Neb., Monday, July 23, 2012.
The drought-damaged field was cut down for silage. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

To end on a happy water note though ... How about that Melissa Franklin in the 100 backstroke? Wow! So happy to see a girl (she's only 17!) who lives at home, living a normal life and succeeding. She refuses endorsements so she can keep competing for her high school. Love that!

Melissa Franklin during the semifinal of the 100m Backstroke
2010 FINA World Swimming Championships.
(Source: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images Europe)

I still get all choked up when I see and hear some of these stories.
(Absolutely thrilled for the British men's gymnastic team!)

And I finally have my act together so that I can link up to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday.  Yes. I was scattered and wore comfy clothes, but I would argue to say that I did it with style :-)


  1. Cool outfit! And how nice that you joined in on the fun for Visible Monday. Thanks so much for coming over to my blog to say hello!

  2. We've been having at least one thunder shower every day in south-central Pennsylvania, and the corn all around looks great. I also saw some fields of very small corn today, and it looks like some farmers are trying to put in a second crop, which I didn't know could be done with corn. Well, global warming, I guess, has some benefits.

    1. JoyfulA ... I am in northern Delaware, so I am close to you! It doesn't seem like we have had that much rain though.

  3. No water is really no fun - you don't know what you got till it's gone, like the song says! Glad you made it out the door, and looking pretty darn cute too.

  4. I would be majorly upset if this happened in my shower...but if you got a day off work, so much the better!

    It's true that the corn is looking dismal...the ears are hanging upside down on the stalk and the fields look like the end of September rather than the end of July. Not good. Ponds are drying up. Not good. Fields catch fire with the slightest spark. Not good.

  5. We just went through a dryish spell here in western Mass, but got a drenching in the last few days, and I think we're not too far off average overall. The crops in this area (lots of small local farms) seem to be doing okay, for which I am thankful, because it's now the start of peach season. :)

  6. What terrible timing in the shower! I feel for you. I sure hope you didn't have an eye full of soap at the time....
    You've got a great figure and look fantastic in the top and pants.

  7. That shirt is great! And I admire your fortitude. I would have so called in sick :P

  8. Hey, Kari: Hope you're okay after the storm. Miss your posts! --Sue


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