Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Like a Lamb

How's the weather where you are? It's been nuts in Delaware — last week, we had record high temperatures,
and then last night? Temperatures went below freezing.

shirt — Danar Hedi (thrifted)
dress — Express (Marshalls, I think? It's older than dirt)
necklace — thrifted
boots — Dansko (Dansko Factory Store)

On top of that, the wind was just roaring here yesterday! Br-r-r-r-r. I even had to turn the heat back on (the wind just whips through my walls), and bring all my plants back inside. Instead of March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb, it's been the opposite around here.

And then how do you dress for this flip-flopping weather? I'm kind of lucky because the colder weather of the past few days is giving me the opportunity to recreate some of the outfits that I wore back in February. I was so busy before that I didn't get the chance to take pictures. Actually, it wasn't that I was busy, because I definitely had time during the day to go outside and snap a few pictures. Mostly, it's that I still feel so self-conscious about taking my pictures that I would put it off and put it off, and then it just wouldn't happen. It feels really strange to pose in front of a camera, and to take my own pictures (as opposed to somebody else taking them) on top of that? It just seems weird and self-absorbed to me. It would be one thing if somebody wanted all these pictures of me, then I would have an excuse, right? Instead, it's all about ME, ME, ME! And I dunno ... I have a hard time coming to grips with that. 


Anyway, back to the outfit ... The shirt is way too big (note the folded up cuffs), but I still felt pretty snazzy in this outfit. I even received several compliments on how I looked that day (I was having an awful day at work one of my "deliverables" had been ripped apart, and I was feeling pretty crappy and upset. Usually my emotions show all over my face, so it was a nice surprise when people told me that I looked good.)

BTW, one bad thing about recreating outfits is trying to remember exactly what I wore. Sometimes that's a good thing, because I can improve the outfit for the pictures . But this time I screwed up. The belt that I actually wore was this gold-tone one and went with the shirt much better (it didn't dangle either). I'm disappointed that I forgot, because it looked pretty cool.

One last thing ... it's kind of exciting to see how my style has evolved since I started this blog!

March 2012
November 2010

I've had this black dress for forever easily over 10 years, and probably more like 15, and maybe even 20 (seriously, when I find something I like? I hang onto it until death us do part). I loved it when I first got it, and I still love it. It's a black sheath, and it's another very, very comfortable and forgiving dress. I used to wear it a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean a LOT maybe once a week during the winter (and this is once a week for years!), and always with that same sweater/cardigan and the same slip-on clogs. I would even wear it in the summer, because the a/c was so cold in my office! It was like a uniform for me (no lie. My kids could vouch for me!). It's not that it was a bad outfit, but it Never. Ever. Changed.
It does now. 

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  1. Hey, Kari:

    A non-fashion-related question for you, since I remember from earlier blog entries that you have Norwegian relatives: My fifteen-year-old daughter is going on an exchange trip to Norway in a couple of weeks and will be staying with a family who has a daughter the same age and one a few years younger as well. Based on your own relatives, do you have any ideas for small gifts I could send with her that would be uniquely American and likely to be welcomed by her host family? (My own overseas experience is in West Africa--a bit different, eh?) Feel free to email me at s_warga -at - hotmail- dot com. Many thanks for any suggestions you can provide. --Sue
    P.S.: We your readers want those pictures! I really enjoy seeing the outfit--they give me good ideas. Hope that helps you feel not quite so weird out there with the camera.

    1. Sue -- thanks so much. And thank you for saying my readers -- that always sounds sooo cool. I have readers?! I still feel weird though. Anyway, the first thought off the top of my head is music. I remember when my cousin's daughters were here (and they were 15 and 16), that was what they wanted -- American music. And I would get bands that are a bit off the beaten track ... but on the same token, music can be a bit iffy depending on their taste (you could ask them though). CDs are small and light and easy to pack. Where is she going to be staying? What town? I'm so JEALOUS! How long? I will ask my cousin's daughters to find out what they would like and get back to you with hopefully some more ideas.

  2. I love seeing how your style has changed, Kari. You look so much more relaxed, creative and comfortable now! I think we're past cold weather for good down here (goodbye boots!) - hey, when are you coming for a visit???

    1. Patti -- I'm actually in the throes of planning a trip to Florida now, probably in a week or two. My dad's been going through chemo (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma)-- he's doing really well with it, but I've still been anxious to get down there. I think that I should fly Southwest (you get to check two bags for free!).

  3. The weather in Oregon sucks. It makes me stabby.

    But, I love that shirt and think that you styled it perfectly to adapt to the fact that it's too big for you. I also loved seeing how your style evolved. Your creativity seems to have sky-rocketed!

  4. You look great for having been in bad weather...i agree when it is hot one day and cold the next that makes dressing difficult! I love your necklace!

  5. Oh I do love that necklace and it looks so good with that patterned top. I, for one, enjoy seeing pictures of you. You have certainly evolved and I agree with Patti, you look relaxed and stylish.

  6. I love seeing style bloggers' first posts. It's exciting to see how all my fave bloggers' style has evolved. I know mine has (I hope it has...lol). You look really hip with your boots and sheath dress, and I love the gold tones on you.

  7. Our weather is still decent for March, but for a while were were getting temps in the 70s. It was crazy!

  8. Our weather has been strange too. We took cover one evening last week, even though there had been no storm warning because a wind had blown our deck furniture from one end of the deck to another. You HAVE developed since your early blogging posts. As for all of the self-portraits...my family has become so matter-of-fact about it. I went years without having any photos taken of me. If it is self-absorbed, I tell myself, one day the family will be glad to have them...memento mori.

  9. Glad that you have "evolved" Kari. I went through a similar translation myself. After years of fading into the wordwork in jeans and t-shirts, the fashion blogs made me think about trying something else. The whole being visible concept became a fun goal for me.

  10. Taking pictures of myself used to be so hard...I remember the first ones I took... I went away by myself after 19 years of parenting...as I took the pictures I realized I had lost the concept of me...not me as a mother to my children or wife...but just me. Taking weekly pictures has ended up being a very healthy and cathartic way back to me...and as I am 53...helping me define my 'what's next'.

    Kudos to you and your self portraiture!

  11. I love a great patterned top! And it was very interesting to see your style metamorphosis. Which just goes to show that blogs aren't mere self-indulgent frippery - they help us grow! I'm so impressed by your photography. Taking pictures of yourself is no easy feat (I could never accomplish it :) I agree that it's kind of neat to have a collection of self portraits to look at, especially years later. It's like flipping your own fashion mag!


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