Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Most Magnificent Shoes

I really wanted to wear these shoes to work. Really and truly I did.

Aren't they the most magnificent shoes ever?

I seriously just put them up on the table so that I could drool over them for awhile — it was almost shrine status. And don't you think they would have looked fabulous with this outfit?

jacket — Anne Klein (thrifted)
black shirt — Rayna Morgan (older than dirt / don't remember)
skirt — Grace Dane Lewis (thrifted)
boots — Dansko (Dansko Factory Warehouse)

Unfortunately, there was one teeny tiny small problem. 

"What's that?," you ask? 

I couldn't stand in them unless I did the downhill skier pose (you can see the downhill skier pose in this post here it's aka the motorcycle mama pose).

Not being able to stand in a pair of shoes (let alone walk in them) is actually kind of a big problem not a small one. So these beautiful amazing shoes had to go back to the store. Sniffle ... sniffle ... sob ... sob. I stroked them a few more times, laid them down gently back in their box, and then slammed the lid down quick so I wouldn't be forced to change my mind and keep them.

I was really really bummed. I so badly wanted to pull off this kind of a look ... 

Can't you just see me? I would be sitting at my desk, leaning back a little, with my legs provocatively crossed. People would walk by my desk, glance over, and just stop dead in their tracks. Their eyes would travel down my elongated legs to those fabulous amazing shoes, and they would think, "Who is that amazing mysterious woman with the leopard print ankle booties?
Yeah. Right. hahahahaha! I find the idea to be rather funny too. 

I realized that if I had to take my shoes off every time I needed to get up and grab another cup of coffee, that I probably wouldn't seem all that mysterious. In fact, I'd probably look downright silly.

I did, however, have a good time imagining myself as looking that way, and I think it helped me pull off my look for the day. I probably stood up a little taller and sashayed a little more, and, in general, was probably a whole lot more confident than I would have been otherwise. I'm struggling these days in my job and feeling rather insecure about what I am doing, so that extra confidence was a bit of a boost. Imagination really can work wonders.

Linking up to Visible Monday with Patti and Not Dead Yet Style. Even though my leopard print ankle booties were in my mind's eye only, they made me feel so much more visible.


  1. I am crying with you, sister. Those booties are too fabulous. Couldn't you get someone to carry you around? ; >

    Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday!

  2. Oh, those boots. They look like they'd purr if you pet them. It is a shame that they weren't a comfy fit. Hope the problems pass at the job. You're lookin' good. Maybe you should just start by sitting on your desk and crossing the legs...

  3. LOL! I like both of your ideas! And yes, I think those booties did purr ... I'm glad that the two of you could relate to my angst.

  4. OMG! This is just too hilarious! I'm crying!! Those were fabulous booties! Who cares if you can't walk in them? Btw, you look great in your leopard jacket!

  5. Awww the boots are absolutely elegant. but I totally feel your pain. Those look like 4 inchers with no platform. Even I am not comfortable with that. Hope you keep an eye out an look for a more comfortable pair, because those are really adorable.

    However your leopard jacket is really fun. Sorry I haven't caught up in awhile. Even though I'm on break, I've hardly been home the entire time!

  6. Oh dear...I'm so guilty of coveting right now...I love this look, and that jacket is AWESOME!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  7. Amazing boots! I do love leopard. How tragic you had to return them! Maybe there'll be something similiar with a lower heel? I love high heels but can't wear them all day - I wear trainers to work and get changed there.

  8. Your total look today is fabulous...powerful and chic!! I love it! Since getting a little older (I refuse to say alot older) there are many shoes I weep over...but I just cannot go for the big heels any longer...thank goodness there are so many cute flats now!

  9. You do look very chic in your outfit. The shoes are really gorgeous, but those heels! Instant pain for me. I have never been able to wear heels without limping after a couple of minutes. I do love my flat leopard booties. With the popularity of animal prints, I would imagine something will be available for you sooner or later.

  10. I looooove this outfit! And I think the boots would have actually been too much leopard with the jacket, so maybe that is a small comfort? No? Oh well, I totally understand the need for lack of foot pain.

  11. Those are some seriously cute shoes!!!
    I have to wear flats so i feel your pain!!
    Love theoutfit even without the booties!

  12. WOW - those are the cutest booties ever! Alas - I have grown warts under my toenails ( in the last 2 years) and heels and warts dont go together well. I am a flattie now! But I do dreammmm.Hope the job thing gets straightened soon. You looked great in what you have on.

  13. Hi there-I just happened upon your blog today and these booties stopped me in my proverbial tracks! I've been leopard obsessed lately, although the only thing I own so far is a chunky wooden leopard print bangle bracelet thrifted for 99 cents. I've been poring over "fashion blogs" for days and feel overwhelmed by so many "fashionistas"(who often seem to have a LOT more shopping $$ and more glamorous lives than I do) vs. real people with real clothes/real budgets who creatively style their outfits in a fun/practical way. Your blog is just the type I'm looking for! Thanks!

  14. Those boots are really cute! But so is your jacket; glad you still got to rock the leopard :) That black and white movie photo and dream sequence were a nice touch.

  15. Ok- I love those booties! And I can relate to the shoe-heartbreak. I recently bought a pair of animal print "shooties" (part shoe, part bootie) and the zipper broke! Returned them to the store I bought them and alas, there were no more shooties in my size! I desparately wanted animal print shoes so found a pair at a nearby shop and took 'em home. They are hard to walk in, very high platforms. So like you I must suck in my tears and take them back. Ah. I now again need a leopard print shoe!


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