Friday, January 28, 2011


"Don't get the kind that slip and slide!
    Get the kind with the STAR on the side!"


Okay. These pictures are silly -- my photographer (aka my co-worker) said that if I was going to wear athletic shoes, I had to have an athletic pose, so I ran with that sentiment*, and had some fun with the pictures. 

*I can't believe that I can still throw my leg up that high!

 shirt -- Old Market Road
pants -- London Jean (Victoria's Secret)
shoes -- Converse All Star

For my birthday this year, I treated myself to a pair of black high-top Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers. I had been wanting a pair for awhile, and I finally splurged on them. I couldn't believe that I actually wanted a pair -- when I was in high school, I had a pair of mustard yellow low knock offs. And boy did I ever hate them! They were so incredibly ugly, especially that white rubber part on the toe of the shoe. Adding insult to injury -- they never ever seemed to wear out.

Why on Earth did I want a pair so badly now that I'm a big girl, if I hated them so much when I was a kid? I do know that I have a lot of fun when I wear them. And, the guys at work get a big kick out of them when I wear them. In fact, one guy actually comes around just about every day to check out my footwear and gives me a thumbs up or a thumbs down. My Chuckies are a definite thumbs up!

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