Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is She A ...?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is she a nurse? Is she selling ice cream? No! She's taking part in the Bloggers Do It Better interpretation of the White-Out spring trend (wow, was that a mouthful, or what?).

tank -- BVD (Kmart)
cardigan -- Croft & Barrow (thrifted)
pants -- Real Straight by Gap
boots -- (DSW)

I don't know about this look -- I really don't. I like the idea of it, and I like it on other women, but I don't think that I like it on me. Done right, it looks sophisticated and elegant. Done wrong? Hmmm .... Suffice it to say that I don't think I'm looking very sophisticated or elegant in these shots. Maybe my top needed to be more flowy or silky or something ...And maybe heels instead of boots would have been a bit better.

Actually, I just realized who I look like! I look like Mr. Clean!

Now I'm disappointed that I didn't think of that before! I could have worn a t-shirt, and a hoop in one ear. And what a great Halloween costume this could be. Do you remember the Mr. Clean jingle?

Mr. Clean gets rid of dirt and grime
And grease in just a minute
Mr. Clean will clean your whole house
And everything that's in it
Verse 1
Floors, doors, walls, halls
White sidewall tires and old golfballs
Sinks, stoves, bathtubs he'll do
He'll even help clean laundry, too.
Verse 2               
Can he clean a kitchen sink?
Quicker than a wink.
Can he clean a window sash?
Faster than a flash.
Can he clean a dirty mirror?
He'll make it bright and clearer.
Can he clean a diamond ring?
Mr. Clean cleans anything.

And what about the commercial?

I did have fun trying this spring trend, and it was definitely not something I would have tried before I became a fashion troll! What do you think I could have done differently?

Other interesting "white" things include:
  • The Woman in White is a book by Wilkie Collins, which was first published in book form in 1860. It is considered to be one of the first mystery novels.
  • White balance is arguably, one of the most important settings on a digital camera. Adjusting this setting ensures that the white colors you see also appear white in your pictures.
  • White dwarfs are the corpses of stars. They are stars that have used up all their fuel and lack the temperature and pressure to continue fusion in their core. They are very small and very faint, so they are hard to detect. 
  • The White Mountains are a mountain range in New Hampshire -- they are thought to be the most rugged mountains in New England. 
  • The White House is the only home of a head of state that is open to the public, free of charge. Theodore Roosevelt officially gave the White House its name in 1901.
  • Wite-Out was used in the olden days to correct typing mistakes. 
  • An item that creates more trouble than it's worth is called a white elephant. 

 What did I miss? 

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Bloggers Do It Better


  1. I actually like the black boots and accessories...I think they give it that extra "oomph"! Interesting facts; I love mysteries and hadn't heard of the woman in white.

  2. I don't like the boots at all. They are too short and too black for an all white outfit...even with the black belt. You can do heels, but I think flats in a fun color would look great. In fact, if you replaced the black belt (which I'm not crazy about) with a fun, brightly colored scarf and picked a color in the scarf for the shoes, it would really look like a spring outfit.

  3. @Debbie -- I just peeked again at your profile, and you might just like the Woman in White. I have another of his books -- The Moonstone, which they also say is one of the first mystery novels, and I enjoyed it.

    @Anonymous -- A great idea about the scarf and the shoes. I am not a flat person though, but a fun color for my shoes would have been a great idea! I am still pretty limited when it comes to fashion sense. I can mimic looks, but I don't know how to throw them together to look very polished.

  4. No -- you're doing great! Experimenting is a good thing and also very brave! Most people stay with the same "outfit" look for years. It's always more interesting to look at what you have in your closet and put together new looks!

  5. I agree that flats would have looked great with this outfit. I don't own a lot of white clothing, since I know I'd get it messy.

  6. Yippee for the White Mountains of NH - Home of Northeastchic:) I like the white look as well, and I think you have styled it perfectly. Fashion blogging isn't about what others would do, its about creativity and you have that in spades!

  7. I too think a different shoe would have gone better, even in black. I just think flat boots tend to shorten the leg line and white pants contribute.

    Texture! The best thing about white out looks is throwing together texture, fabric, seaming. Try making a T-shirt scarf (there's a million DIY, and most people own a Huge Old White Tee). It would look great layered with you black necklaces. Adding a lace tank instead of a plain one, or even one with embellishments.

    All that jazz said - I love this look. I think you made a valiant effort and look quite chic. I love the additions of the black jewelry, I think it edges up the white out look. White can skew to sweet for my inner goth, even though I'm obsessed with the look.

  8. @Anon -- thanks. That's what I did for years and years. Now I'm trying to stretch myself. I think part of my angst with this outfit was that my pants were really too tight, so I was just kind of uncomfortable all day. I almost threw on a different color sweater before I came to work, but then I decided to be brave.

    @Rebecca -- I have never really liked white either for the exact same reason! I don't know why I even bought these pants in the first place. But I've had them for over a year, and hadn't even taken the tags off -- that should tell you how often I wear white!

    @northeastchic -- I thought of you when I put in the White Mts! About the creativity ... hmmm ... I dunno about that. I felt like I missed the mark on this one. But heh, I kind of know what I like or didn't like, and at least I tried, right?

    @Megan Mae -- I am forever messing up when it comes to styling shoes and necklaces. I just can't seem to hit it right. When do you think flat boots like these (because I love these boots) look good? Like how would I style them? A t-shirt scarf with this would have been a great idea! Actually all your ideas are fabulous, and you've given me some incentive to try it again. I really did feel like I missed the mark -- definitely did not feel chic. But hey, that's what this is all about, right?

  9. GREAT STYLE, I love white

  10. @ Kari - The greatest thing about fashion is you wake up each day and can do things all over again. I think a dark wash skinnyish jean would create a better leg line. I think the boots are super cute, but stark white against black is a very defining line in visual terms.

    I love calf boots because you don't always have to "lengthen" the leg line, but I think you still have to consider proportions of an outfit and how a piece plays into visual weight. Consider (in a non-white out look), how different this would have looked with a black blazer instead of white sweater. It may have drastically changed the impact of the dark boots.

    Better end this now that I've written a novel~ Haha!

  11. I think it's fabulous you tried this trend. I'm too messy to wear all white. I think you're on the right path that the boots aren't quite right. I think they're a little too heavy for this. A nice heel (since you don't love flats) would be perfect.

  12. I think you did just fine--but if you aren't feeling it, then fugetaboudit. I am not a person that feels comfortable in white either--no can do the white jean. Dont know why--but its a no go with me too!

  13. I like how you mixed in the black boots. I never would have tried that and it look surprisingly cute!

    Would love it, if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year old handles “White Out”—you might get a good chuckle anyway! See you there!
    The Chief Blonde

  14. I love your white out! I am too afraid to try it - I think I might look like a giant marshmallow! :) LOL. You look cute! Cheers!


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