Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What I wore on .... Monday, December 27, 2010

My rash of bad luck continued today. We had some snow last night -- not a lot, but it made a mess of the roads. And what made a bigger mess was the wind. I drove to work, and I was fine -- but then I pulled into the business park. There is an area on the drive where you go downhill and around a curve to the right. Well, instead of going to the right, my car kept going straight. Great. So I hit the curb -- shouldn't be that big a deal. It wasn't like I was driving very fast. Except now my wheel is wobbling. So then it became an ordeal. Call the insurance company: get a rental car. And my poor lil tank is still sitting in the parking lot at work. I hope it's ok tonight.

So, here is today's outfit:

should my vest be zipped up?

or left open? Should my pants be tucked into my boots? or should my pants go over my boots?

t-shirt, Basic Editions (Kmart)
vest, G.H. Bass & Co.
pants, Victoria Secrets
belt, thrifted
boots, thrifted (no brand, but I love them :-) I always wanted a pair like them, and they were a steal!)
bracelet, gift
earrings, Fair Trade

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